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how to grow top shelf weed

How to grow top shelf weed

Maintain daytime temperatures around 65-80°F (18-26°C) in the flowering stage unless you’re using CO2 which does best at around 80-90°F (26°-32°C). However, even if you’re using CO2, most growers recommend you back off and bring the temps down to 65-80°F for the last two weeks before harvest.

However, in my experience buying CO2 is not the cheapest way to increase your yields unless you have already invested in a powerful light system. In short, you should have every other part of your grow maxed out before CO2 seems like an option. That’s why for many small-scale growers, adding CO2 can be a waste of money that could be better used in other ways.

If you want great bud, you have to provide plenty of light!

What else to pay attention to during the grow?

And there’s one more insider trick you need to know about humidity: So you know you need to keep humidity in 40-50%RH range for the flowering stage, but there is one extra trick… Use a dehumidifier to drop the humidity down as low as you possibly can for the last 2-3 weeks of flowering (I’ve gotten the humidity as low as 25%).

Getting your genetics from a reputable breeder is key to producing gorgeous and potent buds!

If you want to grow buds that are pink or purple, you must choose the right genetics!

How to grow top shelf weed

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When attempting to grow dank weed, you need to make sure you’re giving your plants the correct amount and combination of nutrients and supplements. Here’s a wrap-up of the most important elements to incorporate into your feeding schedule:

3. Nutrients & Supplements to Increase Quality

This is yet another factor having to do with air quality – in addition to temperature and humidity as discussed above. Indoor growers will soon come to realize that air quality is an important aspect to producing high-quality buds. And if you want to create perfect air quality, good and proper air flow and ventilation are both essential.

Have you ever wondered how to grow top-shelf buds? The kind of bud that resonates quality, pungency and aromas to live for. If so, you’re in luck, because today you are going to learn how to consistently grow top-shelf, A-grade quality cannabis buds that knock the socks of your competitors.

2. Let there Be Loads of Light

As for night temperatures, these should be kept around 68-75°F (20°-24°C). Too low temperatures increase the chances of mold and rot, which thrives in the 60°F (15°C) range.