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how to grow weed book pdf

1 THE CANNABIS GROW BIBLE © Copyright 2001, Greg Green All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. 2 The Cannabis Grow Bible 4th edition By Greg Green 3 Acknowledgements My thanks to my family and friends for making this book possible. This book is dedicated to growers all over the world. I would also like to say thank you to the members of and with a really big thank you going out to X,

, The Penguin, Kryptonite, Strawdog, Slowhand, Chimera, BushyOlderGrower, Ralpheme, RealHigh, Clone, cannabisX and Vic High. This is a book about growing cannabis, written by people who grow cannabis. 4 DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO GROW POT LIKE THIS? 5 Picture by BushyOlderGrower. 6 OR MAKE HASH LIKE THIS? 7 Picture by BigIslandBud. 8 THEN CONGRATULATIONS BECAUSE YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE RIGHT BOOK! 9 PREFACE This book has been written under adverse conditions. In most countries it is illegal to own seeds, grow cannabis or use cannabis. Maybe it will change for you one day if you make the effort to have your voice heard. Until that day comes it is recommended that you consult your local authorities to see what is your countries legal status with regards to growing cannabis. This book does not want you to break the law nor is it here for that purpose. This book is about cannabis and how it is grown around the world. Even though the contents of this book may show you how to acquire seeds and grow very potent plants, you are responsible for your own actions. We would like to see you grow cannabis however we would not like to see you break the law. I would also like to say that many countries have permitted medical users to grow cannabis in their home. If they have in your country then this book will be of massive benefit to you and your health. The Cannabis Grow Bible is part of a foundation series and is a developing project. We listen too and talk with 100's of growers every single year. It is with their advice that we can offer you the latest updates on growing techniques and strains. The Cannabis Grow Bible is an information system. We hope that you stick with us and learn more about how to grow BIGGER BUD! 10 CONTENTS PREFACE FOREWORD Chapter 1 : THE CANNABIS PLANT: A BRIEF HISTORY OF CANNABIS AND THE BASICS OF USING CANNABIS. -HOW CANNABIS IS USED -SPECIES -THC -ZERO ZERO -RESIN -THE HIGH Chapter 2 : SEEDS – SEEDS – HOW TO GET SEEDS – CHOOSING A SEED-BANK – WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN CHOOSING SEEDS – GROWING FACTORS – THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE MARIJUANA PLANT 11 – FLOWERING NON-POLLINATED FEMALES (SINSEMILLA CROP) – CYCLE TIMES Chapter 3 : PROPAGATION -WAYS TO GERMINATE YOUR SEEDS -DANGERS WHEN PROPAGATING SEEDS -TRANSPLANTING -GERMINATION SOIL -INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GROWING -GENERAL INDOOR GROWING -GENERAL OUTDOOR GROWING AND GUERRILLA FARMING -GARDENING TOOLS -MALE POTENCY -SCUFFING SEEDS Chapter 4 : SECURITY -SECURITY -INDOOR SECURITY -OUTDOOR SECURITY -GUERRILLA GROWING SECURITY 12 Chapter 5 : THE INDOOR GROWING OF CANNABIS -LIGHTS -LIGHT BANDS -POOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS -AVERAGE LIGHTING SYSTEMS -BEST LIGHTING SYSTEMS -HORTICULTURAL LIGHTS – HID -WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING A LIGHT -WATTAGE AND LUMENS -LUMENS AND MARIJUANA GROWING -LIGHTING FACTORS AND HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR LIGHT -SOIL -pH -NUTRIENTS -SOME COMMON SOIL TYPES -POTS -CONTINUING YOUR INDOOR SOIL GROW -INDOOR VEGETATIVE GROWTH -WATERING -ADJUSTING YOU LIGHTS 13 Chapter 6 : THE BASICS OF INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL -SOIL CONTROL -ph CONTROL -SOIL FLUSHING -NUTRIENT CONTROL -FEEDING -AIR -HUMIDITY -TEMPERATURE -FANS Chapter 7 : PRE-FLOWERING AND FLOWERING -THE END OF VEGETATIVE GROWTH -PRE-FLOWERING -EARLY SEXING METHODS -WHEN TO FLOWER -THE ALL IMPORTANT 12/12 -PROBLEMS WITH 12/12 -HOW TO SEX YOUR PLANTS -HERMAPHRODITES -FLOWERING 14 Chapter 8 : ADVANCED INDOOR SOIL BASED GROW METHODS -SOG -ScrOG -CABINET GROWING -ADVANCED SET-UPS -PERPETUAL GROW CYCLE Chapter 9 : BASIC HYDROPONICS – THE GROWER AND THE GROWING MEDIUM – HYDROPONICS SET-UPS -HYDROPONICS NUTRIENTS -HYDROPONICS GROWING MEDIUMS -CANNABIS AND HYDROPONICS -THE BUBBLER Chapter 10 : OUTDOOR GROWING -THE GROWER AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS -CARING FOR OUTDOOR PLANTS 15 Chapter 11 : THE BASICS OF PLANT CARE -THINNING -LIGHT BENDING -PRUNING -BUSHES -TRAINING -INCREASING YIELD Chapter 12 : PREDATORS AND PESTS -INDEX OF PESTS -CLEANING THE GROW ROOM Chapter 13 : PROBLEM SOLVER – PLANT PROBLEMS AND HOW TO SOLVE THEM – POT-BOUND AND ROOT-BOUND -LOCKOUT -BAD GENETICS

How to grow weed book pdf

Genetic analysis, however, may not offer an immediate resolution to taxonomic debates: a 2003 study 3 examining THC/CBD ratios identified five different lineages of cannabis, but all within one species. And in 2013, in perhaps the most comprehensive book on the subject, botanist Mark Merlin of the University of Hawaii at Manoa and cannabis researcher Robert Clarke of the International Hemp Association in Amsterdam argued for three species of cannabis (C. sativa, C. indica and C. ruderalis), divided into a total of seven subspecies 4 .

de Meijer, E. P. M. et al. Genetics 163, 335–346 (2003).

Researchers continue to bring ever more sophisticated genetic tools to bear. In 2011, Page and his colleagues published a draft set of the DNA and RNA of a marijuana plant (C. sativa) and compared the RNA with that of a hemp cultivar. They found tantalizing differences in the expression of cannabinoid-controlling genes 5 . Botanist Nolan Kane of the University of Colorado Boulder is working with colleagues on a ‘genetic map’ that will involve complete DNA sequencing of some plants. They are also using a faster, cheaper method called genotyping by sequencing to study about 500 plants. By the end of 2015, they aim to have placed around 60,000 genes — about double the number reported by Page’s group — onto the plant’s 10 pairs of chromosomes. In addition, Kane’s team has been working on determining the complete DNA sequence of 66 individual plants, with plans to extend to several hundred more. This work could be used to provide information about breeding new plants, and could also afford an “unprecedented” insight into the relationships between many of the major lineages of Cannabis, says Kane.


“What is a species is a somewhat subjective concept,” says Small. Whether a group of plants is a cultivar, a subspecies or a species may matter less than that everyone agrees on their evolutionary relationships.

Researchers are getting closer to answering the centuries-old question of how to label cannabis varieties — a necessary step to bring the plant into mainstream agriculture.

The first modern taxonomist, the Swede Carl Linnaeus, used geographic origin and sex organs to identify five variants of a single species, C. sativa. Later, the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck used morphology and chemistry to distinguish C. sativa from a shorter, less fibrous and more psychoactive species, C. indica.

In 2004, biologists Paul Mahlberg and Karl Hillig, both then at Indiana University in Bloomington, analysed the enzyme-encoding genotypes of 157 sample varieties. Based on proportions of CBD and THC levels, they suggested that there are two species, C. sativa and C. indica, that contain six subspecies 1 . Hillig later published a broader study identifying three species — adding C. ruderalis to the mix 2 .