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how to grow weed fast in minecraft

How to grow weed fast in minecraft

Lastly, growing of weed can also be done in an outdoor setup. This type of set up also has its own conditions. The temperatures should be below 550C to make the plantation ready for harvest for a period between 3-5 months.

When there are shorter days and longer nights, the plant will receive less light.

The period it takes is around 2-7 months, which happens to be the longest time before harvest.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed?

Also, an outdoor set up can accommodate a bigger planting space compared to an indoor setup. Therefore, this type of set up happens to be the best planting method for planting weeds.

The temperatures should be below 550C. The growing of this plant is legally allowed in only specific states while it’s regarded as illegal to plant weed in others.

Why Does It Take That Long to Grow Weed?

In an outdoor setup, weed grows best in areas with moderate temperatures. In such an environment, the plant will acquire moderate light for the flowering process.

Weed is inexpensive to plant and harvest. The other name for weed is marijuana. Weed is a type of drug, although it is an illegal drug or rather a substance.

How to grow weed fast in minecraft

Smoking cannabis with a pipe

9 cannabis buds in a drying table will yield 2 dried cannabis bud.

Smoking cannabis with a bong

Crafting & Usage [ ]

To smoke cannaabis with a pipe or bong just have the item you will smoke with selected and dried cannabis bud in your inventory, then press and hold right mouse button.

Garden Weeds generate randomly on grass blocks. Weeds will spread-fast. They can spread to other grass blocks 3 blocks away. The weeds will spread to your farm. You can pull the weeds out by hand, but that takes as long as punching stone. A sword will cut down that time and make it easier.

Wheat and Sugar Cane farming is WAY to easy. And so is planting a garden of flowers and keeping them in perfect condition forever. The garden weed is a predator to your crops. Why not add garden weeds to Minecraft to make farming more difficult.

What does a garden weed do to your crops? Soon after there is an adjacent weed to a flower, wheat, sugar cane, cactus, or mushroom, it will be destroyed. Flowers, sugar cane, and cactus will become collectable. Wheat is harvested, ready or not.

Garden weeds are also perfect for fully-automatic cactus and sugar cane farms. You set up a line of 1 block high sugar cane. Behind it and up higher is a line of garden weeds. Once the sugar cane reaches the height of the weeds, the top pops off and falls into a water stream. The sugar cane eventually touches a wooden pressure plate and sends off a series of note blocks and flashing redstone torches to bring you over and collect it. The sugar cane will eventually regrow and repeat.