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how to grow weed in a dorm

So to grow I will need a box of some sort, it cannot be anything other than self contained. I’ve looked at all the prefabs and before I pulled the trigger I decided to build it myself. I have a few options in a dorm room but the most favorable would be under my bed. The bed can be raised up (and down) so that I can fit slightly less then 4′, maybe like 3′ 8". The space under the bed is long though, like 5′, so i can have a wide box. I want to be able to fit a fridge next to it under the bed so maybe i can have a 4′ wide box.

I’ve learned so much from the internet in the last month of reading forums and faqs and have weighed the outcomes of growing in my dorm room. I’ve decided I’m going to and am completely set on doing it.

Sup everyone, I’m a newb and this is my first post. I just want to say I’m glad I found this website because it has so much information and I’m happy to be a member.

I want to basically make a stealth grow, my plan is to make a box something like 4′ wide 3’8" tall and 3’10" deep. I want to have an aquarium in the front of the box so that it looks like a piece of furniture with an aquarium in it. I plan on building it out of wood and painting it black so that people cant tell how far back it goes under my bed. The back of my box will open up (I’d have to climb under my bed to get to it but whatever) so that i can tend to the plants.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how my box comes along. I’m going to start building the 22 of this month (payday). I’ll take lots of pictures incase anyone wants me to explain in depth how i built my box.

Anyway, as the title says I want to grow in my dorm room in college. I’ve never grown but I do enjoy the herb and am SICK of paying top dollar at college with these jackasses selling bullshit weed. I’m in a different city and don’t know anyone to buy legit weed from like back home. I got to thinking and decided one night to grow weed in my room with my roommate.

I plan on growing two plants in 2 gallon DWC bubblers with a scrog grow and a 400w hps/mh air cooled hood from hid hut. I keep going back and forth on ideas but i think the scrog is the most reasonable. I have a place (not my dorm) to do a perpetual harvest like al b fucts but id rather wait till i can actually grow! I would do a sog but i dont really need that many plants if i get caught red handed in my dorm.

How to grow weed in a dorm

Aloe vera is a no-fuss succulent that features long, narrow leaves edged in small, soft teeth. Aloe can live for a long time in a variety of conditions with minimal care.

Pothos is an attractive houseplant that features long stems and green, yellow, and white leaves on winding stems that can climb trellises or posts – or trail from hanging baskets. Often used in container gardens, pothos also looks great on its own indoors.

Lucky Bamboo

Did You Know
A study done by the Agricultural University of Norway found that having indoor plants such as ferns around reduced incidences of dry skin and respiratory problems.

Did You Know
Research by the American Horticultural Therapy Association concludes that keeping a plant in your room such as peace lily can improve your memory.

Snake Plant

Did You Know
ZZ plant releases oxygen into the air, which can improve your sleep quality. Keep ZZ plant near your bed to recover from an all-night study session.

How to grow weed in a dorm

So, to keep you safe (and make you a little cooler to new friends), here’s our list of what you need to toke in your dorm room

It’s back to school time, and for many, it’s the beginning of college: college campuses will soon be swarming with new freshmen to get in everyone’s way and see how far they can push the rules. One of those rules is smoking in dorms—while we don’t condone the practice, we know you’re going to anyway.

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1. Smell-Proof Container for Bud

Fresh bud smell—especially if you’re getting particularly dank weed—expands to fill all available space (not really, but it seems like it), so if left out in the open, your RA is going to catch on very quickly. A smell-proof container is essential, and mason jars can be pretty conspicuous. Invest in a stash jar, like the Loud DankTank, to make sure the smell in your room isn’t coming from the weed.