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how to grow weed in a shoebox

How to grow weed in a shoebox

Hey I'm new to growing and I was just wondering if it is possible to start vegging in a shoe box and move to a bigger container for flowering. Now I don't want this massive plant, I'm just looking to have a hobby with some bud at the end of every grow. Constructive criticism is appreciated

Most of those are really just experiments to see how small you can go, not that your time and money and effort into growing a plant to harvest is best spent for 3g worth.

You can totally grow in ridiculously small containers, but keep in mind that you are also going to see ridiculously small yields. One of the very successful shot glass grows from a guy with a full HPS setup yielded 3g.

How to grow weed in a shoebox

To speed up this process, you can raise the temperature above the recommended 60°F to 70°F range. If you choose to do this, keep checking on your weed and make the necessary adjustments to keep the environment working in your favor.

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Hang Your Weed to Dry

Hanging your weed upside down in a dark, well-ventilated room is hands down the best way to dry your weed.

The freezer will cost you a pretty penny, and chemistry skills are vital to operating the machine. This makes it suitable for commercial marijuana producers and researchers.

You could also use strings to hang your buds and leave them up for 3-4 days to dry. The latter method is more suitable for people with a massive amount of marijuana to dry.