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how to grow weed indoors without getting caught

How to grow weed indoors without getting caught

But fret not! We’ve compiled this easy-to-read list of tips to help keep you out of the sight and minds of people who could ruin your life just for growing a plant.

First, the mantra: “No smell, no sell, no tell”



What tools do you need for Stealth Growing?

How to grow weed indoors without getting caught

Your friend 'Dan' asks why your bud is always "soooooo much better" than what he gets even with top-shelf, so you let him in on a little secret: "It's because I grow it myself and dispensaries have got nothin' on me!"

As far as smells, a big thing to remember is that you will get used to the smell of flowering plants, so don't think that the smell isn't there just because you can't smell it.

If that's not an option, make sure you are not observed when you come and go with supplies. Moving equipment at night helps as does covering your items with trash bags before bringing them in.

Don't spend your life behind bars

For your security, it's vitally important to do everything in your power to keep your cannabis garden a secret .

Rule 5: Avoid House Guests

Rule 7: Use Your Common Sense