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how to grow weed outside in weed firm 2

How to grow weed outside in weed firm 2

In this plant game you will. Weed Firm is the wildly popular new pot-growing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Back to College on iOS and Android.

How To Unlock Backyard In Weed Firm 2

Weed Firm 2.

Weed Firm Part 5 Level 13 16 Walkthrough On Ipad Youtube

Back to College a Bud Farm Tycoon game by Manitoba Games. Marsha Musselman author from Michigan USA on November 28 2013. Youll be left with only the shrub or bush which can be cut up burned or moved to curb for disposal.

How to grow weed outside in weed firm 2

This game is pretty simple and straightforward. You plant weeds, water them, then sell them. You might think it gets repetitive after a while but actually, you’ll never feel anything close to boredom when you start playing this game. It only gets addicting as if you’re really smoking those joints!

As soon as they see those upgrades, the more they trust you to have better supplies, and you can expect them to know more frequently. Plus, whenever you put up new wallpapers, sofas, or any other items in your shop, it has an effect on the frequency of your visitors or the quality of your pots!

Different Weeds

After the installation is complete, you can open the application and experience as usual.

Upgrade Your Shop

In this game, you’ll meet different characters from different walks of life. You sell them the pots you’ve grown to earn cash and gain their respect. You can even roll a joint with them in order to get more ‘high’ and to increase their respect meter even more!

How to grow weed outside in weed firm 2

Next to that, the game has featured one-finger controls. You don’t need to use the 2 nd finger, although you have to perform several actions. Firstly, the game asks you to set up pots and sow seeds of different plants. Give them water timely to help them grow faster, and then harvest them when they get ready. Keep your eye and ear on the door, and visit the area whenever you detect someone is at your door. Whenever any customer comes for weeds, it will knock on your door and the game displays you an image of the person along with a meter.

Follow the Story of Ted

The most important power you need to grow plants and give them water. Without having high power, you can’t take action and grow plants to sell. Therefore, you should keep your focus on earning high points so you keep growing pots to sell. The game will display how much high power is available to use by representing a blue-colored circle around the image of your character. Once the circle gets ended, you need to collect power by having a joint venture with your customers.

Purchase a plastic pot

The level of completion depends on the experience points and you can earn experience points by dealing/selling weeds to clients. After reaching level 4, Mr. Crook will appear who will offer you lots of XPs at once against the same number of weeds. Like Crook will ask you to give him 40 weeds against 40 XPs. The perfect deal and you should avail it instantly, but before making any deal you should confirm how many weeds will be left after making a deduction of weeds you are going to offer Crook.