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how to grow weeds in garden warfare 2

How to grow weeds in garden warfare 2

Plant the stationary plants in pots during Garden Ops, and plant the mobile plants in dirt piles during Multiplayer games. The spawnable plants can be healed and vanquished like any other plant in the game but cannot be revived, so make sure you tend to them.

In addition to the seven Plant characters, 24 spawnable plants can be purchased and summoned in a variety of games. These plants are all AI (artificial intelligence) controlled, and can be used to hurt or heal.

These plants can only be obtained through packs from the Sticker Shop. The cheapest pack will guarantee five consumable items, which may include spawnable plants.

How to grow weeds in garden warfare 2

In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, spawnable plants are available as Potted Plants and are obtainable through sticker packs, with their rarity being affected by how damaging the plant is and how many the player gets at a time.


Spawnable Plants are non-playable plants that can be used in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. They act as summonable back-up and are plantable in most game modes except for Team Vanquish and Vanquish Confirmed!. Most spawnable plants will attack the nearest zombie within their proximity until either said zombie, or it, is vanquished. Spawnable plants that do not attack zombies will provide support, most often in the form of dropping sundrops that heal nearby ally plants.


Spawnables in this game are separated into Ranged, Melee, and Support roles.

How to grow weeds in garden warfare 2

How do I access the plant consumables I acquire through the card packs?

I want to plant new plants but I don't know how to add them on the Grow-A-Pot menu

When you walk up to a pot, you will get a symbol (differs, I believe, depending on what platform you are using), but on origin, you click 'e' on the keyboard to open the menu for your consumables. When you are in multiplayer, you will see mounds of dirt, as well, and you do the same to spawn one of your consumables.