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how to harvest butterfly weed seeds

How to harvest butterfly weed seeds

Make a 1/4-inch-deep planting hole in the center of compost mixture. Drop one butterfly weed seed in the planting hole. Cover it with a loose layer of compost. Mist the compost to settle it.

Prepare peat or other biodegradable pots before removing the butterfly weed seeds from the refrigerator. Fill 3-inch starter pots with a mixture of half seed-starting compost and half coarse sand. Moisten the mix and press it firm.

Gather the butterfly weed seeds in late summer or autumn, once the pods dry to a light, rosy-beige color, but before they split open. Put on rubber gloves before handling the pods to protect your hands from the mildly toxic sap.

Leave the bucket outdoors for two or three days to let the fluff blow away. Stir the seeds occasionally to loosen more fluff. Do not worry if some of the fluff remains, since it won’t inhibit the germination process.

Water the butterfly weed seeds whenever the compost feels barely damp when pressed. Apply the water by the spoonful or use a spray bottle to keep from dislodging the seeds.

Transplant the butterfly weed into a permanent bed in spring just after the last frost. If planting butterfly weed in clay soil, dig in 2 to 4 inches of compost to lighten the soil, or consider building raised beds to increase drainage.

Arrange the starter pots on a propagation mat near a source of bright, indirect light such as near a partly shaded south-facing window. Set the temperature on the propagation mat to 86 F during the day. Turn it off at night.

How to harvest butterfly weed seeds

Otherwise every time the wind blows you’ll be chasing them down the street. Once you’ve collected the seed pods, bring them inside.

What Do Butterfly Weed Seeds Look Like

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Where To Find Butterfly Weed Seeds For Sale

If you want to collect butterfly weed seeds from your garden, allow the seed pods to dry on the plant.

How to harvest butterfly weed seeds

While the leaves are normally dark green on top, and light green underneath. Often the margins will have a yellow hue to them. I’ve found this to be completely normal. As the season goes on, Butterfly Weed leaves (especially lower leaves) tend to turn yellow.

Butterfly Weed Leaf Identification

For pet owners, you should know that Butterfly Weed is poisonous and toxic to dogs and all mammals if ingested in large quantities. [13] It appears that livestock are more likely to ingest Butterfly Weed.

Butterfly Weed Companion Plants

If you notice the entire leaf turning yellow before Autumn, it could mean several things. A nutrient deficiency, or too much water. Or, many native plants have lower leaves turn yellow and fall off as they no longer receive sunlight.