How To Harvest Marijuana?

How To Harvest Marijuana?

Harvesting cannabis is a special process and requires care. It is implemented through a course of action to retain its quality for a long period. However, the yield will be very dependent on the care given to the plants during the earlier stages. You need to make sure that you harvest at the right time; that is you should not be too early or late. Often, the period of harvest determines the quality of weed.

You can get help from anyone, but make sure that you show them the place to harvest marijuana. You should be skillful in harvesting and handling of the buds. If you have already started the harvesting, it is not appropriate to maintain a long gap between the cuttings.

How harvesting is done?

Collect all the tools and equipments that you need for the harvest. This is important when you have planted marijuana outdoors and when drying area is not so near. In addition, you need sharp cutters and pruners so that you can ensure that you are not accidentally cutting other plants that are not ready for harvest. After harvesting the buds, you need to dry it off at once. It is advised to bring zip lock bags to transport the marijuana buds to the drying room.

Drying process is important, as it will help sealing the active ingredients in the harvested marijuana. Drying the harvested marijuana is termed as curing. Curing process must be done under the sunlight since it reduces the potency. You can hang the buds upside down in a room that has enough ventilation. You can also use a paper bag for curing. Drying in paper bag is more convenient when there is lack of space. Controlled curing can also give great taste under which the buds are subjected to slow drying.

After drying, you need to arrange for the storage to avoid the damage. You can place the dried marijuana in a canning jar that is used for storing jams and other preserved foods. Use a tight lid to avoid the mold growths on the harvested buds. Just as those foods preserved in the cans, dried marijuana needs to be preserved in a dry area with minimal light to retain its quality. If you need to transfer the harvested dried marijuana to a freezer, you need to take it out from the can.

No matter what type of plantation you undertake, it is important to implement the harvesting cannabis process within the right time to retain the weed quality.