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how to keep weed from smelling when growing

How to keep weed from smelling when growing

Anyone with basic marijuana growing knowledge is aware of the need for exposure to strong light. When growing outdoors in a suitable climate, the sun provides the right kind of light (UV light) needed for strong and great smelling plants.

Terpenes are unquestionably the key player in improving the aroma and flavor of weed. These compounds are found in plants, and you will also notice them in aromatic products such as shower gel and perfumes. On marijuana, the terpenes are formed along with cannabinoids on the trichomes of the flowers. You need to take measures to improve the production of terpenes to boost the smell and taste of your cannabis.

2) Use Strong Lights with UV-B

Growers chasing massive yields may not choose living soil because it results in slower growing plants. Such individuals prefer liquid nutrients, but miss out on the complex aroma and flavor of the bud.

High-Stress Training (HST) is potentially more effective, but it is also more dangerous for your crop. It involves breaking specific parts of the stems without causing exterior damage. You also have the option of strategically pruning or trimming unnecessary leaves.

It’s All About Terpenes!

It is easy to fall for the lure of chemical nutrients. For the record, these are nutrient sources with molecular compound names such as Potassium Nitrate and Ammonium Phosphate. To be clear, chemical nutrients are often effective. They can boost vegetative growth and possibly increase potency.

How to keep weed from smelling when growing

Ona Gel and Ona Blocks were originally developed to control the smell inside sewage facilities. They are now available to consumers because they are remarkably effective at neutralizing odors.

Carbon filters are…

Many standard air-cooled marijuana grow lights are fitted with a 6″ exhaust hole (listed as 6″ air-cooled hoods). For most small-scale growers using a tent, you will want to get everything in 6″: including fan, carbon filter, and ducting.

How to Find & Install The Right Carbon Filter

Therefore, while air purifiers may be a good choice for other reasons, I do not recommend getting one just to try to get rid of smells in your grow room.

For example, if the carbon filter says “300 CFM”, your fan should be rated as 300 CFM or just a little lower. A 600 CFM fan would pull more air than the 300 CFM filter could deodorize.

Recommended 6″ Carbon Filter setup

2.) Match up CFM rating between fan and carbon filter

How to keep weed from smelling when growing

It’s not a huge surprise to anyone that cannabis smells. It has a very distinct, pungent, and lingering smell that is widely recognized.

Controlling The Marijuana Odor

Also, most of these methods are intended for large scale indoor grows. If you’re growing a single plant or only a handful, then the odor won’t be worse than smoking a joint in your living room, and these methods of odor control may be overkill for you.

Check The Room Temperature

Both standing and oscillating fans provide varying levels of air circulation that not only keeps the air clean but also removes the odor when paired with an air duct and an exhaust fan.