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how to make a small weed grow box

How to make a small weed grow box

For the fans, I used some common fans used in entertainment centers to keep ones X-Box and such cool. I bought a kit with two fans and one thermostat that I could program to come on and shut off at predetermined temperatures. The particular kit I used was simply a plug and play using a USB with no wiring required but I did find out the wires ran a little short thus some wires are seen inside of the box when my original plan was to run all wires on the outside.

Materials will depend on what size you want the box to be. In this case, the box was 33″ tall x 18.5″ wide x 18″ deep to house starter plants and those that will reach a max height of about 24″. Of course, if you wish to build bigger, add to the below supplies. No special tools needed, just a drill, circular saw, knife, square, and a tape measure. A multi-meter would be helpful if your kind of new to electrical stuff.

Temperature Probe: With the thermostat there is a small probe connected to it. I drilled a small hole in the floor of the electrical box and inserted the probe. You can adjust where the probe rest in the box by tiring it off in the electrical box.

Step 5: Step Five: Fans Holes

I have had no problems with being too hot or too cool. The lights warm the box up and once they hit my programed temperature, the fans kick on blow some cool air, move the plants around a little and about a minute later the fans cut off.

Electrical outlet (1)

Step 1: Materials

Fans: Install the fans, intake fan on the bottom should be facing in allowing it to suck in outside air and push it into the box. Exhaust fan should be facing out pulling air out of the box.

Settings: Once you figure out the plant you want to put in there and required temperature ranges, program the thermostat and you are all done.

How to make a small weed grow box

The day I got a recommendation for medicinal Cannabis was a relief. This was followed by the knowledge and urgency that I needed to get some plants in the ground immediately.

Final Harvest Weight: 264 grams (9.3 Ounces)

Then reality set in: I have a small space, in a small house, in a crowded neighborhood.

How to make a small weed grow box

Clean and Check the environment

You could consider using an attic, closet, or a similar space. A loft is an excellent option because you can easily control temperature all year round due to its extraordinarily insulated and stealthy qualities. However, if you want to reap more harvesting rewards it’s best you dedicate a spare room for growing. Also, you mustn’t use any detached unit segment of your house like the garage or shed are highly risky areas to grow cannabis.

Other materials in the kit include

To take optimal care of your plants, you need a daily grow room checklist. In this list, you monitor your plants daily by ensuring due process is followed from the vegetative stage to the harvesting stage. Follow the steps below:

Indoor Soil Grow Kits

If you are diligent in taking care of your plants and you use the right strain, you will be able to bag 4 ounces of bud in every 30 days, but this depends on the size of your box.

You should make it a habit to clean up the grow room, check for pests, spider mites, fungus, and any other abnormalities that could affect the lives of your plant. Ensure everything is working fine.



You should consistently change the water and nutrients every two weeks. Also, you have to monitor the H2O levels in the reservoir. Since H2O evaporates, you have to maintain a consistent mix by adding only H2O and not the nutrients.

Growing marijuana at home is a little expensive. However, there are lots of essential tools that are considered necessary. This article aims to give you full information on how to build a cannabis grow box , highlight the required tools you need to make the project a success and also provide a detailed step by step instructions on creating your cannabis grow box yourself.