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how to make weed grow faster gta 5

A Weed Farm is a great way to make some passive cash in GTA Online. Here’s how players can invest in a Weed Farm and where to find one.

How To Get A Weed Farm in GTA Online

A Weed Farm is an excellent way for players to make money in GTA Online. This guide will help players learn where and how they can invest in creating one. GTA Online continues to dominate in the gaming space as one of the most popular games. Regardless of Grand Theft Auto 5 being almost 3 console generations old, Rockstar Games continues to add new and innovative content that continues to bring players back into the world of Los Santos. In GTA Online, players can create their own criminal empires, stacked with resources and business models to keep the money flowing. This guide will help players invest in creating their very own weed farm.

Purchasing property and businesses are something players will do when they have a lot more experience under their belt in GTA Online. When players begin in Los Santos, they have nothing more than a pistol and a dinky vehicle to help them get around. As they complete more missions and heists, the player’s respect will grow along with their bank accounts. Players will unlock the option to invest in certain drug businesses, from cocaine to weed. These businesses are great ways for players to grow their income without having to put much effort into once it takes off. Here’s how players can get a weed farm in GTA Online.

How to make weed grow faster gta 5

Depending on how you set up your grow, it can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months or more to grow a marijuana plant from a seedling to the point where the plant is ready to harvest. Some methods, such as growing hydroponically indoors, give your flexibility to get a harvested plant in as little as 2-3 months. Growing outdoors generally takes longer than growing indoors and is more dependent on when you plant your seeds and how long your growing season is.

Here are some of great auto-flowering strains I’ve personally grown and recommend. These are all ready to harvest 8-10 weeks from germination:

This gives you the freedom to choose the exact strain you want without any worry about how long it will take. This gives you the freedom to grow some strains that otherwise are inaccessible to growers who are worried about timeframes.

You want to get an auto-flowering strain. These cannabis plants automatically start making buds after about a month from germination, and are ready to harvest by the time they’re 2 or 3 months old.

Long Anwer:

3-5+ months from seed to harvest

Strains from warm climates tend to have long flowering periods before their buds are ready to harvest, adding weeks or months to the time needed. Long-flowering strains often produce higher yields than short-flowering strains because buds have more time to grow. For example, Acapulco Gold takes almost 3 months after initiating 12/12 before buds are ready to harvest. However, it produces amazing yields and unique psychedelic effects.

Auto-flowering plants tend to stay small since they go from seed to harvest in under 3 months. These auto-flowering plants produced about 7 ounces.

Many other breeders also produce great auto-flowering strains (Dutch Passion, FastBuds, Barney’s Farm, etc.), but the following breeders stand out for consistency.

Zkittlez Auto is ready to harvest 8-10 weeks from germination. Every time I grow this strain the smell and bud effects are excellent