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how to permanently stop weeds from growing

How to permanently stop weeds from growing

You can also use your own mulch mixture such as pine bark straw, grass clippings, newspaper, or cardboard. Some mulches even attract the right kind of insects that will assist in weed removal.


Another effective, although time-consuming, way to remove weeds from lawns is by hand-weeding. Pull up the entire plant, including the root, to inhibit new growth and kill the weeds.

How to Get Rid of Weeds From Large Area

Here’s how to apply mulch. Just be aware that different types of mulch may have differing instructions, so always check with the packaging instructions.

How to permanently stop weeds from growing

Kiss goodbye to your weeds permanently.

That’s the dictionary definition but a weed is any plant you don’t want to keep in the place it’s growing.

It is a never ending battle, you cannot stop nature, nor should you want to. You should always try to solve the underlying problems.

Get Rid of Weeds, Forever


Perennials such as dandelions have a life cycle of more than one year and are typically harder to kill due to their larger root structures. You may have cut the head off but it will grow back again & again. Forever.

What is a weed?

Woody perennials such as brambles can also be very difficult to kill permanently too.

We however prefer carpet, they are efficient and very unlikely to blow away or become slippy. Search your local skips or junkyards for an old carpet.