How to Properly Cure Cannabis?

How to Properly Cure Cannabis?

Once your cannabis buds are ready to be harvested, the curing process begins. The method used to identify if it is time for harvesting is to check if 2/3 of the pistils have changed in color with the white or clear color replaced with reddish brown. While harvesting the ripe buds, it’s advisable to use a good magnifying glass and a brix meter to measure the sugar content.

Once harvested, the cannabis buds need to go through drying and curing process so that they can actually be smoked. After harvesting, the cannabis buds should go through a drying process where the buds are placed in a cool and dark place with enough ventilation. Once the cannabis buds have been dried and bagged, the next step would be to cure these buds. Curing is essential as this ensures that moisture is evenly distributed in the nuggets. Additionally, curing helps in breaking down the sugar content in the cannabis buds and assists in bringing out the taste and smoothness of the smoke produced.

In order to cure cannabis, the buds are placed loosely in an air tight jar and checked frequently until the buds are dried well. In the beginning, stage, the buds should be checked once in a day, taking the buds out and rearranging them differently to allow replacing air and help them dry evenly. Once the cannabis buds have been in the jar for around ten days, the frequency of checking your buds can be slowed, but you still need to keep checking to see if there are any chances of mildew or mold forming.If buds are found with mildew or mold, they ought to be disposed of and the complete procedure of drying, bagging and curing needs to be repeated.

The curing of cannabis can take anywhere from two weeks to two months which is the time during which the buds develop their distinct flavor. If the buds are allowed to go through drying and curing over a longer period, it naturally helps in improving the flavor of the flowers. The time invested in curing really varies from harvester to harvester based on preference and time constraints.

A new method for curing cannabis which is considered highly efficient is water curing, where the cannabis plants are fed with nutrients up to the point of harvesting and the water flushes out chemicals, proteins, sugar, pigments as well as resins in order to provide buds which have higher THC content. This method of curing is considered easier and said to improve the quality of the product.

Curing is the final step in the long, arduous process that is growing cannabis. If you make it this far with your plants, why rush the finished product until it’s as good as it can be?