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how to report cannabis growing

How to report cannabis growing

• Neighbours should keep an eye for industrial looking equipment going into the house.

• Look for signs of big external fans being fitted or the electrical supply to the house being tampered with.

Drugs are a problem which can lurk closer than you probably think. But it is possible for you to do your bit to stamp it out – all you need to know is what to look for. DSI Steve Benson Davison from South Wales Police has some helpful tips on how to tell if your neighbour is growing drugs:

• Landlords should also be suspicious if the tenant wants to meet in a different place other than the house to pay rent or discuss the property.

• Neighbours – you are the key. You should be suspicious if people are coming and going from the premises often and only staying for short amounts of time.

• Landlords – be aware that the individual paying the rent will usually want to pay cash up front and will try to encourage no visiting from the landlord. It’s a good idea for landlords to visit their properties and keep an eye out for tell-tale signs, like a strong smell coming from the premises or windows being blacked out.

• Another tell-tale sign is when people move in and very soon after there is considerable building work taking place inside the property.

• You should also look for blacked out windows and there may also be considerable heat coming from the premises.

• The growing farms for drugs are referred to as ‘factories’. The way in which the drugs are grown can vary from single plants in houses to a large scale cannabis production. The most common type of factory is found in residential houses. Walls are often knocked down so you are left with an empty shell that has been turned into a giant enclosed green house.

How to report cannabis growing

Any suggestion that you can is an urban myth.

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As long as the tenancy agreement has been drawn up properly, they'll be in breach of it.

If they're renting, what about telling my neighbour's landlord?

"It is a widespread issue across the county and we are focusing our resources to target those connected with the cultivation and dealing of the drug to help crackdown on the issue.

How to report cannabis growing

The notoriously pungent stench may be a sign of a recreational user smoking the odd joint next door or the drug being grown in large quantities close by.

Can people smoke cannabis on their own property legally?

And while you may not be bothered by what other people get up to in their own homes, there’s no denying the smell can be off-putting.

If I call the police, will my neighbours find out?

A spokesman for the National Landlords Association, said that, if landlords suspect cannabis use, they should "arrange for a visit to the property, provided they have given the tenant advance warning".