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how to set up a growing room for weed

How to set up a growing room for weed

Many people think that the best way to set this up is by placing the extraction duct at the top of the window and the inline duct at the bottom. This is a major mistake – most likely you’ll end up taking in the exact same air that you’re trying to ventilate out of the room. One of the most simple ways to do this is to use the window to extract air and then make a grid on the door to the room. This is called passive intake and doesn’t require any sort of inline fan.

If you’ve ever thought about growing cannabis indoors, you may have been faced with a tricky question; should I buy a grow tent or set up a grow room? If you’ve decided to go with the latter, we’re going to go over the basic things you’re going to need to turn a normal room into an indoor grow set up without needing to spend a ridiculous amount of money. Read on to find out exactly how to build a grow room for your cannabis plants.

How to Build a Grow Room | Setting up your ventilation system

When it comes to the inline fan, if you’re going to use one instead of just using a passive intake vent, it’ll need to be on the other side of the room in comparison to the extraction fan. You’ll need to place it down low. If possible try and use some sort of cushioned base to avoid the vibrations travelling through the floor.

Disinfecting and Hygiene

In order to set your grow room up properly, we’ve decided to cover it in this post; we’re going to go over the absolute basic materials needed to set up an indoor grow room. Get everything set up without needing to spend too much money.

How to set up a growing room for weed

Nosy neighbors may also be able to hear the constant fans and smell the glorious smells of cannabis. There’s less of a chance to have privacy to build a grow room depending of how your garage is set up.

Your flooring material needs to be easily cleaned and sanitized, and it needs to be sturdy and resistant to humidity.

As long as you have space to work around the plants, the exact size doesn’t matter. For most hobby or novice growers, anything bigger than a 2x2x4 space should be adequate.

Placing Your Grow Room in Your Basement

Creating a model of the grow room in paper will let you see what fits on different dimensions. Making it easy to make changes and test multiple distributions.

Remove carpets or rugs, as they have the potential to leave bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens that can destroy your crop yield.


Building a cabinet or closet is a viable alternative. But you need to take extra steps to provide the best growing conditions.

A light leak will let ambient light in, which can disturb the dark hours, photochrome imbalances cause damage to your plants and your potential harvest.