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how to start growing weed in canada

How to start growing weed in canada

At this point, you need to start watering the plant. But be careful not to over water.

Then there’s the propagation part. For this stage you’re going to need lights. You can buy T5 fixtures with simple fluorescent bulbs. At this point, they need a minimum of 16 hours of light a day. Make sure not to give it less light, because it can go into flowering mode, Ryan Masfrankc says.

To increase the number of buds, Taylor recommends removing some leaves to increase light penetration.

Then when the roots have completely made it to the bottom of the tray, it’s time to move the plant to a larger one, at about two gallons big. Master grower Rebecca Phillips recommends using coconut coir, a growing medium for hydroponic and indoor use.

As of now, the federal government set a limit of four plants per household and most provinces and territories followed that advice except for Quebec and Manitoba, which banned home growing all together.

Then when it grows, you’ll have to transplant it into a bigger pot. At this point, it is crucial to use a soil that is moist and loose so the baby roots have room to penetrate, says Chase Schryer from 7ACRES.

Canada has officially legalized recreational marijuana and that means some provinces will allow for home grows.

Check with your housing agreements and bylaws for information on safe and legal cannabis home growing.

Cannabis laws are different in each province and territory in Canada. Differences include legal age, locations where cannabis can be sold and consumed, and possession limits.

How can I store my cannabis?

When travelling in Canada, it is your responsibility to understand and follow local laws. Check out provincial and territorial websites for more details:

Home Growing

How to start growing weed in canada

The more applications Health Canada sees, the more it's learning about what requirements are effective and what can be relaxed a bit, said Toms.

"They had cameras on every leaf, on every plant," said Toms.

"They're not looking for a reason to just exclude you," said Toms.

Shirley Toms, a regulatory consultant who works for Cannabis Compliance Inc., compares the process to a "4D matrix." Here's what's in that matrix:

How long does the process take?

The government is legitimizing a former black-market industry, and regulating a product that is not only widely consumed, but consumed by many vulnerable Canadians.

"But if you have a record, that's going to be a glitch. They don't say that's an automatic barrier, but they say they're going to have to look at it on a case-by-case basis."

"Now they have cameras on the doors so people who go in and out are monitored.

I have a criminal record. Do I stand a chance?

Every application is different. Simple amended applications, where medical grow-ops want to sell recreationally, could take three or four months. A brand new standard application could take as long as 18 months.

"You have everybody from someone with immune system issues because they're undergoing chemo or HIV therapy … or a little kid with epilepsy," said Toms.