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how to stop weeds growing in flower beds

How to stop weeds growing in flower beds

Leaving large open spaces between plants in flowerbeds like in the photo above means a lot of future weeding! Instead, plant perennials and annuals so that they will grow together to form a living weed barrier.

#1 More Plants – Less Mulch!

The key with mulching for weeds is to apply a thick layer all at once. A minimum of 4 inches in needed for good weed control.

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But there are other issues with weed barrier cloth as well. It can also hinder plant growth and health over time. Although weed barrier cloth does allow moisture through, it can easily become filled with decaying matter that blocks water and nutrients from easily passing through.

How to stop weeds growing in flower beds

It zeros in only on ungerminated seeds, so it won’t hurt any plant material that‘s already growing.

Mostly, Rubert says, it makes a mess.

Cut an X where each plant will tuck through.

Post-emergent Weed Killer

That’s why we asked landscape designer Kim Rubert how she tackles these pesky garden invaders.

A good weed is a dead weed. An even better weed is one that never shows up in the first place.

Newspaper as Weed Barrier

“You’ll be digging up annual beds a lot,” she says. “You might have to weed a little bit, but annual beds will get thick pretty fast, so weeds aren’t much of an issue.”

How to prevent weeds from growing in flower beds? Rubert shares some of the most common ways to prevent weeds, from least effective to your best bet: