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how to stop weeds growing through new turf

How to stop weeds growing through new turf

Also, letting the lawn go for a while, then mowing short, is very hard on even a healthy lawn. Short term, I would be better for the grass to be kept too short, rather than growing out in between.

You should add the topsoil soon before you lay the sod, so it doesn’t get rained on. The best time to sod is in the spring after the frost is mostly out. It can be done in fall, but the results are not as good as fall-sown seed.

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For the rest just kill it all. I haven’t done a full lawn with it but solarization has a lot of benefits if you don’t mind having your entire lawn covered in clear plastic for a few weeks over summer. Kills the lawn, the weeds, the weed seeds and many diseases.

Yes, that is a big problem. You cannot grow a lawn on that shallow of soil. Also, sand is drying, and the lawn will constantly dry. Also, fertilizer will wash out quickly, before the grass can utilize it. You should have at least 6" of good topsoil on there, and 8-10 would be even closer to ideal.

It’s a lot of work, a decent amount of money but I was happy with the results.

The lawn should not be allowed to dry after this, until the sod has rooted and took off growing. Foot traffic should be kept to a minimum, and if the grass grows before well rooted, mow carefully with the lightest weight lawn mower you have access to.

How to stop weeds growing through new turf

Can someone please help

Just had a new lawn laid just over 2 weeks ago. before this it was just mud with weeds (new build). The grass has been watered and looks as if it is bedding in well BUT we have weeds!

Recently bought a house so have now entered into the world of gardening but I am having some difficulty.

How can I rid of them? I know that potential weed killers might harm the new grass. I’ve also seen the weed puller tools but again. holes in the new lawn?


You don’t weed and feed a new lawn for 12 months. It takes that long for a new lawn to bed in and form the root systems necessary to cope with a weed and feed. You’re on a new build and that’s a potential problem for a lawn anyway. Let it settle first, keep it well watered and cut on a high cut in about 2 weeks. Turf will often contain weeds, so don’t panic. You won’t get a picture perfect lawn in two weeks unless you pay premium prices for turf and you get perfect growing conditions. Even then it’ll take six to eight weeks before it’ll look half way decent and natural. Mowing will keep weeds in check till you can apply a weed and feed. I just hope you won’t one of the people who are unlucky enough to experience problems with lawns laid by developers and builders.