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how to take seeds out of weed

How to take seeds out of weed

But what about those who want a lot of seeds? If you’re just getting into growing, or if you’ve had many bountiful harvests, but want to multiply. Learning how to harvest seeds from cannabis plants is always a worthy skill to have on deck for a home grower.

All About Cannabis Seeds

The second is a trusted fan-favorite among old stoners and young explorers alike. The ‘album cover method’ relies on gravity and your own efficiency with grinding down the buds. As you crumble the buds over the tilted open album cover sleeve, your plant’s seeds should fall and roll to the album crevice, naturally separating from the buds.

Cannabis Seed Removal

After submerging your seeds in water for several hours, pour the water and the seeds over a paper towel. Cover the seeds with another damp or moist paper towel. Maintaining damp conditions lets your seeds get comfy and sprout taproots during germination.

How to take seeds out of weed

Keeping your corn and soybean fields free of unwanted weed seed is an important task, as seeds in your harvest can lead to dockage at elevators. You’ve worked hard this season to keep your fields free of unwanted weeds, especially during a year where weed escapes might be more prevalent because of weather challenges. To get every possible bushel out of your acres, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about what goes into the combine this season.

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Before taking your crops to the elevator, consider these additional precautions: