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Trust Modern Canna Science in Florida to accurately test cannabis extracts for THC levels and more. Medical marijuana products include waxes, oils, BHO. How to Test CBD Strength Cannabis supplements like CBD have undergone a revamp in recent years. The popularity of CBD as a food supplement product along with more open laws and acceptance by

Testing THC Levels in Oil & Extracts

As medical cannabis becomes a more popular treatment across the country, it is crucial that marijuana products dispensed under orders of physicians are of high quality and without harmful effects.

For maximum effectiveness, many patients now seek out more highly concentrated marijuana products like hash oil, hemp oil, and wax. Not only is the THC content in these products important, but the extraction processes can leave behind trace chemicals that can be harmful to the patient’s health. Besides testing THC levels, it is important to test for impurities like residual solvents.

There are various ways to test THC levels. Modern Canna Science prides itself on accurate testing to ensure that medical marijuana patients receive treatment that meets potency and safety expectations.

Why test cannabis extracts for THC and impurities?

The THC levels and profile in medical marijuana products can affect the medicinal benefits. For example, some cannabinoids are recognized to have anti-microbial and anti-convulsive effects. Patients and physicians need to be able to rely on these products to deliver the expected effects.

The hidden danger in many concentrated THC products is that they are produced with the help of solvents to separate the cannabinoids and terpenoids from the remaining plant matter. When these solvents are not effectively purged, the remaining impurities can present health risks.

Methods for testing THC

Modern Canna Science’s in-house laboratory is outfitted with state of the art equipment in order to provide accurate and reliable analysis of medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis products.

Our methods are tailored to the needs of the client and the type of product to be tested. Some of the options include, but are not limited to:

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) – HPLC allows separation, identification, and analysis of the components in a mixture. We use it to quantify the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), and several other cannabinoid concentrations in a sample of cannabis or a cannabis-derived product.
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography (LC) – Chromatography methods allow separation of small molecules, proteins, or nucleic acids. GC uses the different boiling points of molecules as the means of separation. LC relies upon the way molecules interact with chromatography medium as a means of separation.

Components separated by GC or LC may by analyzed by the most appropriate method, which can include:

  • Mass Spectrometry – Mass spectrometry allows mass analysis of the components through the use of deflection by magnetic fields.
  • Electron Capture Detector -ECD is sensitive to organic compounds. It operates by using a gas like nitrogen to capture compounds in the output of a GC separation.
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma – ICP uses a high temperature source to convert the atoms of elements in the sample into ions so they can be separated and detected via mass spectrometry. ICP is an effective method to detect and measure even trace amounts of heavy metals.
  • Microbial Analysis – Employs methods to detect unwanted compounds such as choliforms, yeast, mold, EColi, Total Plate Count (TPC), and more.

How to test the THC levels in oil

HLPC can be an effective method to test the THC level in oil. If the oil is of a thick consistency, the viscosity may need to be reduced with the addition of isopropyl alcohol before a solvent extraction can be used and the analysis is performed.

How to test THC levels in BHO?

Butane has oil, also known as BHO, that can be analyzed in manner similar to other oils.

A primary concern in BHO production is the level of impurities. In the production of BHO, butane is used to remove the cannabinoids from a plant, leaving behind a liquid butane and cannabinoid mix. The evaporation process then used to remove the impure butane in crucial in order leave behind pure cannabinoid oil. When the removal of butane from the hash oil is poor, it can contaminate the product and be harmful for the user.

How to test THC levels in wax

Waxes and butters have gained popularity as delivery methods for medicinal marijuana. As in the case of oils, the product must be adjusted for viscosity and reduced by a solvent in order to perform THC analysis.

Choosing the right THC analysis method

Whether you are producing or dispensing buds or a derivative product like cannabis oil, it is important to choose the right analytical testing method. The procedures for testing raw flower are not going to be the right method for testing cannabis THC oil content. For example, the GC method of extraction uses high heat that can convert some of the molecules in a sample. This is appropriate and expected for some types of samples but it will lead to an inaccurate reading of other types of samples.

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Our expert lab technicians perform comprehensive tests on your medical cannabis, evaluating moisture content, pesticide levels, heavy metals content and more. To ensure your testing method is accurate and suited to your product, choose a knowledgeable medical marijuana testing lab. Modern Canna Science is dedicated to ensuring Florida’s medical marijuana meets patient and physician expectations and abides by strict quality assurance and control methods.

How to Test CBD Strength

Cannabis supplements like CBD have undergone a revamp in recent years. The popularity of CBD as a food supplement product along with more open laws and acceptance by leaders have allowed the CBD supplement market to flourish.

For a long time CBD oils and CBD products were painted with the same brush as marijuana in world history but today the difference is clear between cannabis that gets you ‘high’ and cannabis derived food supplements like CBD, which are non-toxic and safe to use daily. The reason for this difference is the cannabis plant variations from which each come from. Read on to learn more.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant which is one member of the cannabis plant group. The hemp plant contains a large amount of CBD which is a non-toxic cannabinoid. On the other hand marijuana, another close relative of cannabis, contains large amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which causes a psychoactive ‘high’ or effect to the user and can be toxic as a cannabinoid in large amounts.

That is why CBD food supplements like CBD oils and CBD products for example edibles are all made using hemp. With a high CBD potency and low levels of THC present in hemp this plant is ideal for the method of CBD cannabinoid extraction.

So, why do people use CBD oil? Well, a variety of health benefits have been claimed in anecdotal evidence from consumers of CBD oils which include reference to anxiety, sleep and pain. However it must be noted that such evidence is merely anecdotal and although research study is underway regarding the value of CBD for certain conditions, much more needs to be done to confirm such claims.

The law on Cannabidiol or CBD will vary from place to place as some countries recognise medicinal cannabis as a form of health treatment while many do not. It is often only permitted to be sold as a food supplement in the form of CBD oil or CBD products like Gummies and nothing more with no medicinal claims or claims of health effects attached.

Buying & Testing CBD Oil

If you choose to buy CBD oil and use it as a food supplement as part of a balanced diet then you will want to know how good a product it is before investing. CBD supplements can be costly depending on the strength of oil and the brand you choose. Some companies now offer a 1ml sample of CBD oil to customers free of charge to let them taste the oil, try it out and get a feel for the brand.

Quality hemp ingredients are key to a good CBD oil so how can you be sure you’re getting the best out there? Identifying what products are real and differentiating them from fake products can be a challenge for customers. Sometimes customers can end up purchasing poor quality CBD products as regulatory compliances on the strength of CBD are not in enforcement as of yet.

In the US for example, each state has the responsibility to induce and execute its policies regarding CBD strength. Therefore, this can sometimes leave the customer to their own devices. To help you out, here are some DIY ways to help you determine the quality and strength of your CBD oil purchase.

To facilitate readers from different continents we will discuss Cannabinoid test kits available within Europe and also those available within the US and Canada.

Conduct a Home Cannabinoid Test

If you are questioning the quality and/or strength of the CBD oil product you have purchased you could consider conducting a home test with a cannabinoid testing kit.

Rating Type Delivery in Europe
#1 My Recommendation Alpha Cat Test Kit Yes
#2 EZ Test Kits Hemp Typification Test Yes
#3 EZ Test Kits Synthetic Cannabinoids Yes

Today, you have the opportunity to determine the strength levels of your cannabinoids with a home test kit for example the alpha Cat analysis test. This test package delivers on all ends and is easy to use with any form of CBD oil from any company.

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Another option you can try before bringing your CBD oil bottle home after purchase, is to pass by a trusted laboratory and have it examined by a professional. Ensure they detail the results of their tests in a way that is easy to understand.

Also, take home the certificate of analysis for your product and this can be compared to lab testing results and reports supplied by the CBD company or brand.

Home Test Kits Available in Europe

#1 Alpha Cat Analysis Test

The Alpha Cat Analysis Test kit is ideal for men and women who wish to do their own product testing and be assured of its strength and cannabinoid content. Maybe you pay a CBD brand a lot of money per month to send a high strength CBD oil and you want to check if you are getting what you pay for. This test kit can help you figure out just that.

Conducting at home cannabinoid tests yourself means you save money on laboratory fees and certificates for the CBD oil post testing. All in all this test option will either confirm or deny your choice of CBD brand for the future. You will not have to worry about the company you chose and it’s reputation ever again once the products pass this DIY cannabinoid test.

#2 EZ Test for CBD / THC Hemp Typification

The EZ Test identifying CBD and THC in your hemp derived supplement is a handy option for people looking to determine the amount of CBD or THC that is present in their product. The sample should turn a purple or pink colour if CBD is the main cannabinoid present. It will change to a blue colour if the main cannabinoid is THC however.

This test aims to help consumers determine if synthetic cannabinoids have been sprayed onto the hemp in an industrial process and then sold as a cannabis herb. The inclusion of synthetic cannabinoids can be damaging to a person’s health and produce more adverse effects as they are not made to be consumed by people but for the purpose of scientific research.

#3 EZ Test Synthetic Cannabinoids Kit

This relatively new kit is a cheap and cheerful method to check for synthetic cannabinoids in your CBD oil product. Created by EZ Test Kits it aims to test samples of cannabis oil or hemp oil for substances like K2, Spice and other herbal incenses used to replace the cannabinoid ingredient of your oil.

In this simple test you will be delivered a glass ampoule which is like a small test tube. You break the seal of the tube and drop a small sample of your product into the tube which already contains chemicals for testing. A colour change will occur if synthetics are detected and the product comes with a colour chart for your reference.

This test will detect synthetics in your CBD oil product however if you wish to test for levels of THC cannabinoids versus CBD cannabinoids for example then this test is not for you.

Home Test Kits Available in US & Canada

Rating Delivery in US & Canada
#1 My Recommendation: Alpha Cat Cannabinoid Test Kit Yes
#2 Cannabis Test Kit – tCheck Device Yes
#3 Cannabis Test Kit – Expansion Kit Yes

#1 Alpha Cat Cannabinoid Test Kit

Alpha Cat Cannabinoid test kits are available for those living in the US and Canada through Test Kits Plus. You can choose from a small kit or a large. The small kit contains 2-8 tests and the larger one gives you 10-40 tests.

This test is not instant and will require 30 minutes to give a final result. Using this kit you can analyse the cannabinoid profile of oils, edibles or even plant parts. It will help you determine the strength and potency of your sample using a THC and CBD reference chart.

#2 Cannabis Test Kit – tCheck Device

This next option is more high-tech and an investment for most. The cannabinoids which can be tested for using this device are THC, THCa and CBD. The testing kit uses ultraviolet light, bluetooth and is battery powered.

The sample must be diluted or concentrated to test it so you can use alcohol, or oil like coconut or olive to do this. As always make sure to follow the instructions of the device as per the manufacturer guidelines.

#3 Cannabis Test Kit – Expansion Kit

This kit can be purchased in conjunction with the tCheck Device or to use with one, if you have one already at home. The expansion kit simply gives you extra items to ensure you can effectively test plant flower or concentrates of oil.

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It is not enough to have the tCheck Device to test the above forms of cannabis effectively.

Learn to Differentiate Milligrams from Millilitres

Each bottle of CBD oil will often have the symbols mg and ml, with different numbers indicated for each. These show the quantity of CBD oil in the solvent. Each bottle of CBD oil is around 10ml and above in the volume of liquid in it.

In the liquid, the present Cannabidiol measurements are stated in mg, and the carrier oil liquid volume is in ml. The indications on the dosage indicate the amount of CBD oil in each drop of the liquid or hemp seed oil you use as your dose each day. Therefore, the amount of CBD oil in a single drop is the strength of CBD in that particular product indicated in mg.

Before taking the CBD oil, ensure you follow the brand or company’s instructions and adhere to the recommended dosage levels at the beginning of your CBD doses. Also, be sure to stick to one CBD brand at a time and do not use similar oils at the same time.

This will alter the dosage and effect the oil’s interactions with the body. It is essential to thoroughly check all product labels to get all the information you need before supplementing your diet with CBD.

Look for CBD Laboratory Results

A trusted manufacturer with nothing to hide and has confidence in its products will always have a third party test their CBD products. The third party is usually an independent company or laboratory that the company has no control over, indicating no bias in the final results. Also, it enhances customer confidence and assurance of product safety in the outcomes of the results.

The test aims at testing the strength and quality of cannabinoids that are present in the CBD oil they are selling. It gives a list of the terpenes present in the oil, THC content if present and CBD, and other compounds as well. With such an analysis, you can gain confidence and trust in a specific product and purchase it for use.

Take care with CBD oil manufacturers

Purchasing CBD oil is deemed a challenging task by some but it doesn’t have to be. Of course it can be daunting for those individuals with no idea which companies are trustworthy and which to steer away from. However, if you want to purchase quality CBD ingredients and be sure of your product’s strength levels, seek reputable companies with a documented reputation.

Go for companies who have a place on the market for some time and have plenty of experience in selling cannabis products. For example, one can search the net for Canada, and a list of all websites from authenticated and reputed dealers would pop up. Look at each place and their influence plus their establishment in the market or reviews from other customers. Such searches and platforms like Trustpilot will assure you of quality products and trusted customer service.

With such information, you will be able to differentiate genuine products from fake ones. If you find CBD oil on the market with an unrealistic price, it may not be a reputable source to get your products. Chances are, the product is of low quality and has no CBD content or trace amounts.

The logic behind the statement is the law of supply and demand. As of now, the need for CBD oil is quite high. However, the amount of the same is quite low. Therefore, the price of CBD oil is high and without a bargaining platform to bid from.


Learn to look at your CBD product labels as they give essential information on potency levels of cannabinoids in it. Request a third-party certificate for your CBD as it may be of need in ensuring your safety and proper documentation of your product. Besides, this creates trust in the company you are purchasing your CBD oil from at any time.

Know that CBD content in Cannabidiol comes with an mg symbol at the end, while the ml refers to the hemp seed oil in which the CBD dissolves. It indicates how much you should take with each CBD drop.

Determining potency levels of CBD can be difficult and even challenging. However, learning how to do so is essential in ensuring your safety and health. Lastly, if you want to find out the details of your CBD oil’s origin then why not give home testing a go and get some deserved reassurance.

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