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how to use c02 for growing weed

How to use c02 for growing weed

The CO2 emitted should ideally fall from above the garden, as CO2 is heavy and will sink to the ground. Using fans will help keep the CO2 moving around the room and make it available for more plants to absorb. CO2 should only be emitted during the time that the lights are on; plants photosynthesize while it is dark out.

Plants extract CO2 from the atmosphere via the plant’s stomates, which are the pores that plants “breathe” through. Photosynthesis begins as the plant uses CO2 in combination with light bulbs or light from the sun to produce both sugar and oxygen. The sugar is used by the plant to grow while the oxygen is released back into the atmosphere.

There are multiple ways to introduce CO2 to your garden, but most methods do not guarantee controlled ppm (parts per million, used to measure CO2 levels in atmosphere). For this reason, it’s important to invest in a quality CO2 setup. If the systems below are too costly or demanding for your space, you may consider holding off on CO2 supplemented grows until you’re ready to make the jump.

The benefits of introducing CO2 into a grow space are well known and widely accepted. However, if you’re a novice grower and/or under a tight budget, there might be a number of ways for you to initially increase your yields before investing in a costly CO2 system. Make sure you first know how to:

Compressed CO2

CO2 generators, which look something like patio heaters, produce carbon dioxide by burning propane or natural gases. They can be set up to automatically power on or off when CO2 levels reach a specific ppm. Natural gas or liquid propane are very easy to acquire, but the burning of these gases produces heat which can be difficult to regulate in small grow spaces. Because of this, CO2 generators are better suited for large grow spaces with equipment for climate control.

Most gardeners have found that when you are producing high-quality light in your garden, a CO2 level of 1,200 to 2,000 ppm will increase the growth of your plant significantly. Additionally, when using CO2 your plants can handle a higher average temperature – around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware that if your CO2 levels are too high for the amount of light or heat generated in the garden, you will see your plants become damaged from excess CO2.

If you have a handle on the above points, you should be ready to try increasing your yields using added CO2.

How Does CO2 Work for Plants?

Compressed CO2 tanks can be acquired at hydroponic stores, compressed gas facilities, or even home brewing stores. In this case, the CO2 is produced by the manufacturers and is collected and compressed into tanks that can be then made available for purchase. This allows you to introduce controlled quantities of CO2 into your garden via emitters without having to own a CO2 generator. The benefit of this setup is that without a CO2 generator, you’re no longer producing heat when releasing CO2 into your garden. For this reason, compressed CO2 is ideal for smaller grow spaces.

CO2 levels in our atmosphere are around 400 ppm. Interestingly, studies show CO2 levels can continually increase plant growth as ppm reach upwards of 10,000. Note that once CO2 is above 3,000 ppm it starts to become dangerous for humans to breathe, and at 5,000 ppm it is considered lethal.

How to use c02 for growing weed

Also, you shouldn’t increase the CO2 levels always, carbon dioxide should be used in combination with a number of factors, without these elements you may be able to see improvement but won’t be what you expect.

Some growers say you should only inject carbon dioxide during the first 2-3 weeks of flowering, although others say that an increased CO2 level up to 2 weeks before harvest can result in denser buds, there’s no proof and it’s basically up to you and what you find works in your case.

3. Pros and cons of CO2

CO2 bags are quite popular amongst home growers due to being relatively cheap; These bags consist of fungi growing in organic matter, which produces CO2.

Plants are used to high carbon dioxide levels and even though we don’t see it, there is actually CO2 in the air, found at approximately 400PPM.

Grow in higher temperatures

Despite the benefits, adding CO2 can be expensive. You should think if the benefits are worth it before starting injecting CO2 into your growing space.

How to use c02 for growing weed

2.) CO2 Generator – Don’t use! These are DANGEROUS and can kill or seriously injure people.

In the vegetative stage, just keep CO2 going during daylight hours, raining down over your plants. There’s not much else to it.

Should you add extra CO2 to your grow room?

Many growers recommend you keep temps as high as 95°F (35°C) when maintaining CO2 levels around 1200-1500 PPM.

Which growers should supplement CO2?

Benefits of Adding Extra CO2

Compressed CO2 usually come in bottles or tanks. Compressed CO2 can be one of the most controlled ways of injecting CO2 to your grow space, and should be safe if you follow instructions and set everything up properly.