Humboldt Seeds Review

Humboldt Seeds Review

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Humboldt Seed Organisation (UK) is aimed to bring the world the best strains from various breeders and collectors we associate with cannabis today. The best of the best have been selected and now put into action with our breeding team in Europe and in house breeder Dready Bob (from the famous Weed World).

Expect to see a bunch of European and North American favorites to be released alongside exclusive limited edition strains released as collaborations with the likes of “Dr GreenThumb”, Woody and a few others.

Our mission is quality over quantity… simple! It’s in everything we do!

3 thoughts on “Humboldt Seeds Review”

  1. After great dedication Pure Seeds obtained a surprising result in the automatic-gene family. Custom X is an autoflowering variety, crossing a Critical x Ruderalis. These cannabis seeds are easy to grow and show great strength in cold climates and have a high resitance to blight and fungus. These plants can reach an average height of 80 cm forming impressive buds with large internodal space to let light pass perfectly. Pure Seeds Custom X will wrap you with a pleasant and captivating effect, a sweet taste and authentic aroma popular among growers.

  2. 80% Indica. Northern Lights and White Widow genetics. Earthy, fruity odour and fruity and sweet flavour. Big resin production. Couchlock high. THC medium-high. Northern Lights, White Widow and Cinderella 99 have been used to create Snow White. Snow White has a high flower to leaf ratio and supreme compact growth, which make this a great F1 hybrid. She will form thick white hairs and will yield a large crop. First signs of flowering start around the 3rd week. The dense sticky buds are covered in shiny glands of THC. Snow white is well suited for outdoor growing and she can also be grown inside. Her veg phase is fast and vigorous. She is perfect for SOG in a hydroponic system. Tight compact bud structure provides an earthy, fruity aroma with fruity, candy floss like aftertaste. She takes you on a very strong narcotic high.

  3. Automatic Great White Shark is known as a potent and excellent yielding white, auto-flowering strain. It possesses a tangy smell and can grow well outdoors or indoors. It has right now been stabilized from the breeders.