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hydro weed seeds

Hydro weed seeds

3.) Place Germinated Seed in a Rapid Rooter

I’ve found that if the grow space feels cool to you, it also feels cool to your plant most likely, and it may not be growing to its full potential. Some Sativa strains are particularly sensitive to the cold, though some Indica strains from cold climates will still thrive at lower temps.
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Hydro Tips & Hints

Although there may be more oxygen dissolved in the water at lower temperatures, at least in my grow tent that apparently isn’t the limiting factor to growth, because plant growth speeds up at warmer temperatures.

Hydro weed seeds

Growing hydroponic feminized seeds can produce amazing results for cannabis growers. Hydroponics growing methods can produce super fast growth rates, high yields and super clean potent buds. Cannabis thrives in hydroponics, where roots have more access to oxygen, water and nutrients round the clock versus conventional growing methods. A lot of bud farmers greatly reduce veg times by growing in hydroponics; still harvesting very large budded plants for the same flowering times; hydroponics can hypercharge your crops.

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What are Other Important Things to Avoid with Hydroponic Female Seed Plants?

At 30% THC, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana is one of the most potent on the market, and will put you in a perfect mood as you wind down from your day.


Arguably, the most standout feature of Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana is it’s insane THC content – an incredible 30% of the mind-blowing cannabinoid resides in the dense, dark green nugs of the indica-dominant award winner.

Counted among the world’s most potent strains, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana is not for beginners, though you may be hard pressed to ignore its classic aroma, strongly redolent of lemon, lime, and diesel. If Tahoe Hydro OG happens to tempt you, be sure to clear your calendar because the near immediate effect is a euphoric blast that tapers into a body high best enjoyed from your favorite spot on the couch. For patients, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuaha has benefits in its abilities to blanket mental health concerns, reduce inflammation and put insomnia in its place.