Hydroponic Grow Busted In Erath Louisiana – Vermilion Parish

Hydroponic Grow Busted In Erath Louisiana - Vermilion Parish

Erath Louisiana – Vermilion parish: Hydroponic grow operations come in many shapes and sizes and occasionally in some unconventional surroundings. As the Erath police found out firsthand when they entered a home on Bussard Street and discovered what they are classifying as a sophisticated hydroponic cultivation operation.

Early Sunday morning, the Erath police discovered one of the largest marijuana farms ever found in the town of Erath, according to Erath Police Chief Gerald Hebert.

The local parish police took into custody James and Jane Norred, both were being held on charges of cultivation of marijuana, possession of controlled will schedule 1 substance, in addition to having a gun in a close proximity to that of their infant child.

The husband had an additional case added to his already mounting charges, that of resisting arrest, due to his propensity to bounce like a deer when confronted with a search warrant that he demanded the police present before entering his property.

While officers waited for a warrant, James Norred took off running out of the house, but did not get too far and was arrested. In the meantime, the Erath police did not enter the house until a warrant was signed by a judge.

Our young Louisiana cultivators were arrested this past Sunday morning and had managed to bond out of the local parish jail by late Sunday afternoon. For the husband and wife cultivators to see the light of freedom, they needed to each secure a $30,000 bond.

The couple, apparently, was cultivating marijuana in an outbuilding behind their residence. The police walked into the outbuilding and found a hydroponic greenhouse growing operation in full veg cycle. The marijuana plants were typical hydroponic setup complete with plastic grow cages, Clay grow medium and nutrient rich water.

The local parish police confiscated approximately 20 vegetating marijuana plants, a diverse selection of cannabis seeds, approximate $800 in cash, and all the sophisticated grow equipment needed to pull off a hydroponic grow.

The local police chief, Gerald Herbert stated “I couldn’t believe it,” as he walked into the outbuilding and gazed upon the sophisticated grow. Based on the evidence found police chief Herbert estimated that the operation had been successful in staying under the radar for a minimum of six months, this based on the mail found at the residence.

As is common with many beginning cultivators, the officers discovered pamphlets and grow booklets describing the many different ways for a newbie cultivator to grow pot utilizing a state-of-the-art hydroponic system. Based on their findings the police assumed that most of this equipment had been ordered online.

As the Erath Louisiana police force was busy patting themselves on the back, congratulating themselves for taking this hydroponic grow operation out of circulation. It would appear that they don’t see much in the way of marijuana cultivation, as I can tell you that a 20 plant grow by no means should qualify as any areas largest marijuana grow bust.