Hydroponics Magnificent 7: Cannabis Cultivation Equipment That Makes Your Life Easier

Hydroponics Magnificent 7: Cannabis Cultivation Equipment That Makes Your Life Easier

It’s no secret that cannabis cultivated in a hydroponically grown environment produce exponential growth once all of the variables have been worked out; pH levels, nutrients and environmental issues. While it’s true that hydroponic cultivation is somewhat less merciful than your outdoor garden – it’s also substantially more worthwhile when accomplished with patients, knowledge, and foresight. Today’s Hydro cultivator’s must be on their game, ensuring that the proper lumens, micronutrients, CO2 and oxygen are available at the right ratios during both vegetation and flowering or things can go sideways fast. The unfortunate end result is a greatly diminished growth, if not outright death for your ladies. Despite that ugly caveat, cultivators with a slightly more astute sense of the sublime, and a technical understanding of the variables at play will enjoy the freedom experienced from hydroponics. Dros’ are easy to keep an eye on and produce explosive growth with fat yields – watch as your delicate African strains grow denser, sticky and more resinous– before your very eyes.

1.) Oxygen Pot Systems: (oxygenpotsystems) – six-pot systems start at $523.99 – the primary reason these buckets rock for Deep Water Culture (DWC) is their ability to utilize optimum oxygenation and well-designed drainage.

2.) Vermicrop Gold Label HydroCorn: $32.95 (discount-hydro) – no doubt the highest-quality grow rocks on the market today, the HydroCorns are reusable and can be utilized cycle after cycle, provided there properly maintained and sanitized.

3.) Supercloner 50-Plant Hydroponic Grow System: $149.95 (supercloset) – solid cloning techniques deployed within the right environment are essential for a productive hydroponic garden to thrive. These units encourage root growth to occur within seven days, while only utilizing a 28″ x 6″ footprint. More efficient rooting, equal’s healthier plants, in significantly less time.

4.) The Stacker: $3,450 (cabinetgrow) – this split level, LED-lit grow box offers the highest quality in incognito grow boxes combined with energy efficiency – offering a perpetual harvest. A somewhat pricey unit – for the already successful hydro grower with a few extra bucks to experiment with.

5.) Hydro-Logic Stealth 200 Reverse-Osmosis System: $259.99 (hydrowholesale) – hitting your young and tender ladies with pure reverse osmosis treated water, rather than chlorinated tap water, exponentially increases your chances of growing lush vibrant plants. Producing dense sticky yields. One of the primary reasons a good reverse-osmosis (RO) filter is worth its weight in gold. Proving that function and fashion can coincide with affordability, this reverse osmosis filter purifies up to 200 gallons per day.

6.) Vertex Vertical Garden: Starting at $899 – (vertexhydroponics) – when looking at a grow room from a square foot basis – a cultivator is limited. Conversely, when a grower sees that same square footage of grow space as “volume,” one begins to understand the value of vertical growing. As such, one of the better ways to increase the yield in any grow room is to go vertical.

7.) HydroRush Water Treatment Additive: Starting at $29.99 – (waytogrow) – this amazing elixir stimulates microbial growth in your reservoir by releasing oxygen that’s made available to the roots, whitening them and keeping them healthy and strong.