I-3 Citrus Smoothies Strain Review: Marijuana Seeds Acting Fruity

I-3 Citrus Smoothies Strain Review: Marijuana Seeds Acting Fruity

The I-3 Citrus Smoothie strain may sound as though it’s made from the same fruity ingredients which might add up to a tasty morning treat… Minus the yogurt, of course. With a parental lineage deep in the classic strains, her mother hails from Grapefruit genetics, while her father comes from the lazier side of the OG Kush tracks.

These two California Classics are mainstays amongst the Golden State’s best cultivators. The well-known citrus centric strain of grapefruit is a product of RooR seeds, which recently gained fame as a favorite amongst cultivators seeking the best in hybridization.

Both the parents of I-3 Citrus Smoothie tend to be relatively branchy plants, making this strain unquestionably suited for both SCROG and SOG growing techniques. The dense growth pattern of the smoothie means cultivators outside of dry regions should take measures against mites and mold formation, thereby ensuring a healthy crop. While mold can be a problem, these plants tend to bounce back fast as long as the underlying cause is addressed and rectified. I-3 Smoothie is a pot connoisseurs dream come true, a strain that provides the motivated first-time grower an opportunity to produce first-class medication.

The I-3 Citrus Smoothie powers through the vegetative cycle and finishes fast, leaping from bonsai stature to Mile High monster in a short 7 – 9 weeks after flowering has begun. The size and branch structure allow the grower a lot of flexibility in training the plant. Of course proper pruning is critical, if fan leaf maintenance is sustained during the vegetative cycle, it can save a lot of effort during the manicuring phase without compromising the yield. When properly topped, smoothie plants want to Bush out, providing for the probability for larger, denser buds. As the plants indica style leaves transform from a luscious green, to a fall yellow… then a dark bluish purple – the buds glisten with a THC encrusted frost.

Given the celebrated flavors of its genetic heritage, it probably comes as no surprise that I-3 Smoothie has an incredible aroma. The grapefruit–citrus perfume makes you want to bury your nose in a fat bouquet of buds and inhale until your lungs max out. The citrus centric aroma screens top shelf superiority, and that’s a fact. Organic nutrients, in a soil environment, truly brings out the strains best assets. Yet further testing on I-3 Citrus Smoothie indicates a minimal change in flavor based on variation in nutrient regime. The grapefruits sour citrus is prevalent in the exhaled pungent smoke. I-3 delivers an uplifting high that feels as good as it tastes. In addition to her outstanding flavor, the Grapefruit and OG Kush parents are notorious for their sublime attributes – leading to soaring clarity. As suggested by its name, the I-3 citrus smoothie transports one with a velvet touch. An uplifting high with a pleasant euphoria peak. No anxiety, no couch lock. Only pure relaxation… This strain pairs well with stoners searching to accomplish artistic endeavors, but it is slightly less suitable for high I.Q’ demanding activities. Medicinally, this strain offers relief from nausea, depression, headaches, cramps… as well as stimulating appetite.