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i love growing marijuana com reviews

However, plants from these seeds are smaller compared to regular ones. The ILGM auto-flowering category includes Northern Lights, White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Autoflower Mixpack, Ak-47, and Blueberry. Follow this link to learn more about the best auto-flowering seeds available.

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ILGM Payments and Packaging

Q: Where does ship from?

ILGM Seed Bank Pros

I’ve had about 75% germination success. I had one stain that didn’t seem to work, ILGM gave me credit for my purchase with no hassle. I have recommended ILGM to all my friends who grow. Keep up the good work!

Great Customer service

My package never arrived!!

Reactie van het bedrijf

Great communication!! Fast delivery my first time orders seed , waiting now to sprout them. .

I love growing marijuana com reviews

One distinguishing feature of ILGM is its germination guarantee. If your seeds do not sprout, you will receive your money back! It is not just any seed bank that may offer a money-back germination guarantee; in fact, most explicitly state that they do not provide any warranties at all.

They offer feminized seeds, as well as fast-flowering varieties and auto-flowering categories. You can easily browse their website based on the type of weed you want to grow or your growing requirements, including climate, yield, and indoor/outdoor growing. Indicas, Sativas, high CBD/low THC ratios, ultra-high THC content, and medicinal weed are all popular categories.

With IGLM, you can make sure your seed order will arrive on time. To avoid being detected by customs authorities, the order is packaged discreetly.

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Product Quality

The seed quality sold in this bank is incomparable, with a guarantee of money back if your seed does not germinate or grow. When you order from ILGM, it covers every step, with a shipping guarantee and guarantees germination.

I Love Growing Marijuana provides you with more payment methods. You may choose the one that best suits you from the following options:

Strains selection

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ILGM Reviews–ILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short) is one of the most popular seed banks for various reasons. ILGM provides excellent customer service, a plethora of seeds to choose from, fantastic sales and discounts, and a vast collection of free online growing resources for both beginner and experienced growers.