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idiots guide to growing weed

Idiots guide to growing weed

Most new growers start off with a pre-made organic potting soil mix. This is an easy way to get started with a growing medium that has all the right nutrients for your plant. Organic nutrient sources include earthworm castings, compost, bat guano, and more.

After a certain amount of time or when the light cycle changes, your plants will begin their flowering stage. During the flowering stage, plants receive about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Your plants will begin growing its resinous buds until the harvest season.

Cannabis Growing Medium

After all those months of waiting for your bud growth, it’s time to harvest your crop and refine the buds’ taste and aroma. First, you’re going to cut the bud branches from the plants and remove any excess foliage. You’ll need to hang the buds to dry in a cool, dark, and dry space. Check up on them every day to see if their stems are soft or firm and dry. When you can hear an audible snap from your branches when broken, it’s time to cure.

Make sure to check your local ordinances to ensure you are legally allowed to grow outside. Most towns that do allow outside gardens require growers to keep them in an enclosed and secure space. A greenhouse is a great way to harness the power of the sun and maintain a slightly climate-controlled environment.

The Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants need to grow in an area that has enough space for its roots and has good drainage. Generally, a 5-gallon container/pot with drainage holes can do the trick. You may also use a similar sized and shaped container such as a bucket, fabric pot, etc. As long as it has the right drainage system, you won’t have issues with mold and root damage.

Idiots guide to growing weed

If you elect to grow cannabis indoors, make sure you do so in a sealed space. If the odor gets out, your neighbors will alert the authorities. If you use HPS bulbs, use an exhaust fan with a carbon filter. It filters the scent and ensures that only filtered and clean air gets outside. As a bonus, it keeps the temperature in the room to a reasonable level. If you’re growing outdoors, make sure you account for wind direction.

The only person you should divulge any cannabis growing information with is anyone who is growing with you. Otherwise, loose lips sink ships. Imagine you tell your neighbor but then get into an argument. All that needs to happen is for him to start talking about your weed garden or contact the police. The next thing you know, half the surrounding area knows about your exploits. If you don’t get arrested, your crop will mysteriously go ‘missing.’

Rule #3 – Thou Shalt Control the Pungent Odor & Telltale Noises

Bear in mind that bright grow lights will give the game away. Use blackout curtains or fabric that blocks the light on your windows. When growing indoors, water pumps and exhaust fans emit the most noise. There isn’t much you can do other than invest in ‘quiet’ fans so that your neighbors don’t complain or suspect. It is less of a problem if you have no neighbors nearby.

Rule #2 – Thou Shalt Exercise Discretion with Online Purchases

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