If You’re a Grower, You Probably Shouldn’t be Shipping Weed Cross Country

If You're a Grower, You Probably Shouldn't be Shipping Weed Cross Country

Unfortunately, five individuals based in Sacramento did not heed this advice and are now going to pay a hefty price. The at least five person large operation was somewhat sophisticated, as since last October almost a million dollars in cash had been laundered and deposited into fake bank accounts.

The bank deposits were made by marijuana plant buyers on the East coast, and then withdrawn by the west coast connection the subsequent day. Suffice it to say these “entrepreneurs” didn’t exactly do a stellar job of covering up their paper trail.

After following the money, investigators located where the suspects would meet up and package parcels weighing between seven and 12 pounds each.

The items were then shipped to states like New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois. Packages intercepted by law enforcement found they contained high-grade marijuana.

Search warrants were served in three locations around Sacramento County this week, resulting in the discovery of two marijuana grows, three weapons, several pounds of processed marijuana and about $70,000 in cash.

If these five men shipping the nug to the East Coast were actually cultivating their own cannabis seeds, then this is a clear cut case of greed overshadowing logic. If you’re an at all decent grower, you should be able to make enough profit pushing product in your native land. Yeah, the profits are way more exponential if you set up an east coast hook up due to demand, but the risk and downfall is also exponentially greater.

And how careless can you be that you use the same meet up points? Even people who don’t deal drugs know you switch up locations to keep feds on their toes. Haven’t these fools ever watched Goodfellas?