If You’re Growing Weed, Don’t Let Criminals Stay at Your Crib

If You're Growing Weed, Don't Let Criminals Stay at Your Crib

In this edition of “Grows Gone Wrong,” a one Joseph Downs was not only cultivating cannabis seeds in Seymour, Connecticut, but was also letting his friends–and robbers–post up at his house.

Seymour police spokesman Lt. Paul Satkowski said officers had originally gone to the home at 57 Great Hill Road in Seymour with a search and seizure warrant for stolen items they expected to find at the house.

Police found about 12 maturing marijuana plants in the shed, which had insulated walls to keep the light and heat in. They also found growing supplies like grow lights, extension cords, timers, fans, fertilizer, two dehumidifiers and a large plastic garbage bag containing numerous plant stalks from previously harvested marijuana plants.

On the high side, it sounds like Downs had a legit operation going. On the low side, this boneheaded move cost Downs $75,000 in bail–which, when you factor in the plans he lost, and attorney fees he will need–becomes an astronomical figure. But he can only blame himself for either having zero common sense or smoking himself retarded.

I’m seriously starting to feel like I’m teaching a course in remedial common sense on this blog. Day after day, different schmohawks masquerading as an expert on how to grow marijuana seeds. I don’t have any sympathy for morons like Mr. Downs and his compatriots, or their lost product.

If you’re going to grow marijuana, please, don’t do let criminals who are on the limb play xBox Live on your couch.