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illinois laws growing weed

Below are a few of the ins and outs of cannabis use in Illinois.

What are rules on recreational marijuana?

Weight is calculated based on total weight of the product for items like edibles. If a person has pot brownies that weigh over 500 grams, they are in violation of the law, said Jeff Hall of the Peoria law firm Hall, Rustom & Fritz. There’s no standard weight or size for edible products, so the number of them a person is allowed to have can vary by item.

What about medical marijuana?

Several other locations in the Peoria area have sought zoning permissions to become dispensaries, but their owners are awaiting necessary state permissions.

Illinois laws growing weed

Even though cannabis is legal, landlords can ban smoking it in their units. This includes medical cannabis. However, a landlord cannot stop a tenant from using medical cannabis in other ways. If your lease prohibits smoking or other use of cannabis, breaking that rule could lead to an eviction .

You can only grow cannabis if you have a Medical Cannabis Card. You must be 21 years or older. You can grow up to 5 cannabis plants in your home. They must be in a locked room, with no access to anyone under 21. It must be outside of public view and with permission from the owner.

Public housing

Cannabis is legal in Illinois. But there are limits on who can buy it and where you can use it.

Cannabis is still illegal under federal law. So you cannot use or possess cannabis at your home if you live in federally-subsidized public housing. You could be evicted or denied housing. This includes past cannabis use or criminal charges. This also includes guests. There is also a ban on all smoking in federally-subsidized public housing.

Private rental housing

You cannot possess or use cannabis in your residence if you are running licensed childcare, foster care, or similar social services there. Condominium association rules can limit smoking cannabis, but not using cannabis in other ways. Rules can prohibit any use of cannabis in public areas. Landlords can always have rules in their lease that are stricter than the association rules.

Want to start growing cannabis in Chicago? You need to be on the Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Program (MCPP), which you can register for online. Here are the requirements:

New to the grow game? Look for autoflowering seeds, which don’t require a specific lighting schedule. Without much work, you’ll harvest up to 1kg of weed in 1-3 months, depending on the flower time of the strain you choose. Click here for a full guide to growing weed outdoors.

Here’s a quick rundown of marijuana laws in Illinois:

Other Cannabis Laws in Chicago & Illinois

Illinois became the 11 th US state to legalize recreational marijuana in May 2019, with the laws coming into effect in 2020. To begin with, only medical marijuana dispensaries had licenses to sell weed for recreational use. As of mid-2020, Illinois was supposed to grant dozens of new licenses to stores, processors, cultivators, and transporters. However, they delayed the granting of new licenses due to the pandemic, and eventually announced that 21 finalists would participate in a lottery for 75 licenses. As a result, there is widespread criticism of the lack of diversity in the $1 billion cannabis industry in Illinois.

If you are approved and meet all the other requirements to grow medical cannabis, then you’re ready to get going! Buy some seeds from a reputable seed bank, for example Herbies – they deliver your seeds in stealthy packaging to avoid nosey neighbors.

There’s also a handful more regulations you need to meet, like rules regarding the location you grow your cannabis plants. If you do meet all the criteria, you can start growing marijuana for personal, medical purposes today!

How to Start Growing Weed in Chicago

Recreational marijuana has been legalized in Illinois, but what about growing cannabis? Here’s the short answer: you can only grow weed in Chicago, Illinois, if you have a Medical Cannabis card and are over 21 years old.

Not everyone can grow marijuana in Chicago. Make sure you fulfill all the criteria below – otherwise, you are subject to a $200 civil penalty for growing up to 5 plants. You need to: