In House Genetics Review

In House Genetics Review

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In-House Genetics is an established company specializing in micro-breeding. With new strains coming out every month, In-House Genetics is always the leader for new cross breeds and exclusive limited crosses. We take pride in our craft and will never settle for anything less than perfect. Thank you for choosing In-House for all your genetic needs!

3 thoughts on “In House Genetics Review”

  1. Resin Seeds presents Cannatonic presents. It offers the finest of all possible worlds using this variety – a phenotype selected with the hybrid cross involving a female MK Ultra(F1) & the historically reenowned G13 Haze male. With growth just like an Indica, perfume that of a Sativa.

  2. Sadhu is a mix of an exclusively adapted landrace male via the Himalayan heights as well as one of Mandala Seeds’ indica-sativa hybrids.

  3. An outdoor strain, grows flawlessly indoor, which was re-worked here. This magnificent pot has a special flavor, with a delightful aftertaste. Orange, coconuts savor,with an uplifting cerebral high. Ideal for closet & homebox garden.