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indoor weed grow tent setup

Indoor weed grow tent setup

Factors such as lighting, ventilation, CO2, temperature, and humidity play a vital role in growing healthy plants and achieving high yields. A grow tent allows you to create the best environmental conditions for growing your plants. They protect the plants from mold and pests, and the mesh ventilation helps keep out dust and other impurities.

Setting up a Marijuana Grow Tent

This grow tent has heavy-duty light-proof 600D Oxford cloth. Its seams are double-stitched with heavy-duty zippers. It has rectangular vents with mesh for better ventilation, as well as other vents for fan and filter output. Its lining is made of diamond mylar, which is 96% reflective. The tent also has a tool kit for storing your tools. The frame uses coated steel rods that can hold up the weight of your grow light and ventilation fans.

Easy to Take Down/Destroy

In general, the perfect tent depends on the number of marijuana plants you plan on growing and the type of lighting you are using. These two factors will also affect ventilation – and many tents will offer a variety of options for that as well. In general, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for all your plants to grow in a comfortable and not crowded environment. There should be enough room for your lights and ventilation fans.

The Nano Grow is designed to be the most budget friendly and least technical design. This build focuses on trimming down the necessary components to eliminate any superfluous items. While the essentials will cost you just under $120, you can add an optional inline fan and thermometer/hydrometer for just a bit more.

For growers who want a full system capable of germinating seedlings, taking and keeping clones, maintaining mother plants, and have multiple chambers for various projects, this is the build for you.

Build notes:

Note: Product prices below may fluctuate slightly over time.

Standard cannabis grow setup: $1,000

All of the hardware used for each project can be ordered online or bought at a local hardware store or grow shop.

Indoor weed grow tent setup

If you have a smell emergency, you can use an exhaust fan directly attached to a carbon filter sitting on the floor. This isn’t as effective as a “real” exhaust system, but it will clear an entire room of smells in just minutes. Some growers who can’t fit a carbon filter in their grow space have even used this technique to control smells for a whole grow!

It can be difficult choosing exactly which grow light you want, but once you’ve made your decision at least it’s easy to hang your light! Compare different grow lights

Example of a cannabis plant in a grow tent

At its simplest, a grow tent just needs an exhaust fan and a grow light. At this point you’ve already created a great cannabis growing environment! See a grow journal in this setup!

4.) Connect Carbon Filter – No Smells!

If you’re using a grow light that has an air-cooled hood that contains all the heat, like many MH or HPS grow lights, you can connect the exhaust fan to the hood directly for ultra efficient cooling. This lets you vent hot air directly out a window so heat is never beaming down onto your plants.

Cheap rope ratchets allow you to move a grow light up and down with a few clicks, so you never need to hold up your light or worry you might drop your light on your plants.

Light & Smell Check

Before getting started, make sure you’ve freed an afternoon to dedicate to this project. Take a minute to clean up the space you will be building your tent, as it’s easier to do it all in the beginning as opposed to while you’re working. Make sure to put together your tent at its final destination! You don’t want to build it only to realize it doesn’t fit through the doorway