Iranian Autoflower Strain Review

Iranian Autoflower Strain Review

While I’m sure we’ve covered this strain of weed before… I can’t remember, but it bears repeating as she’s that unique and any website devoted to marijuana wouldn’t be complete without her mention. Iranian autoflower was one of the first game changing “autos,” on the market, she has a tendency to finish incredibly early while still delivering a massive yield packed with superb potency.

This war tested autoflower from deep in ‘Ayatollah country’ has hearty characteristics that can easily blend in well with different types of foliage, making the camouflage of your outdoor patch as easy as weaving foliage through your existing limbs.

With very little variation, regardless of the number of hours in a day – six weeks after being planted as a seedling this resinous little gem will begin to flourish with flower. Because of their genome these plants will tend to be very consistent in size and yield, not extremely tall, not extremely small. But all packed with dense, sticky, resinous buds.

Dissimilar to ruderalis based autos – Iranian autoflowers can be cloned and kept for an extended period of time…particularly with the help of the right light fixtures, 24 hours of light with a high concentration of blue wavelengths, like MH or T5 lamps. Many experienced marijuana cultivators find it is the best outdoor strain they’ve ever grown and will grow only Iranian auto flower even with non-auto choices around.

Over the years I have heard experienced cultivators make the somewhat questionable claim “once you try this plant you will always want to grow it.” While it’s ‘obvious upside’ is not having to guess whether or not the seed you’ve planted will go male on you, the downside is that some of these autoflowers love to go hermaphrodite at the least opportune time.

The nice thing about Iranian auto flower – as is true with any auto flower, is that it gives everyone the ability to control the timing of their harvest without sacrificing yield and potency, as such the auto flower in general could be one of the more important cannabis strains developed over the past several decades. Tested in various locations over several years this strain has cultivated a strong following for producing an early harvest with a potent yield.

Long before the pesky helicopters are buzzing about overhead like flying rats, before the neighborhood thieves, trusted friends or anyone else can get to your precious buds. These sticky refugees from the Middle East will be snuggled up in your nice warm drying room, waiting for the moment to become that simple hit of mind relaxing medication.