Irie Genetics Review

Irie Genetics Review

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Irie Genetics Colorado is a cannabis breeding program founded by Rasta Jeff. We are cannabis growers, breeders, and enthusiasts who grow from our hearts. We are currently breeding with many of Colorado’s favorite strains and Jeff’s personal collection. Our mission is to provide unique hybrids for the medical and recreational market.

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  1. On account of her family heritage, Sheherazade has acquired both the valleys of Hindu Kush and the soaring of the far East.

  2. A quick growing strain its parentage has flourished out from the crossing of a Hawaiian indica and is a sturdy hybrid. May be harvested in between 7-9 weeks indoors. Outdoors within the northern hemisphere harvest by just October, and in the southern hemisphere by just May.

  3. Brothers Grimm Apollo and cindy family releases have invariably been a treasure chest for quick finishing indoor sativa dominant plants, some individuals even declare the closest they’ve ever reached the holy grail. It appears as though c99 has obtained a lot of attention recently and really don’t understand, I really like c99 because of its big yields of zippy melony buds, but my real passion is made for the genius clone and her kids a11 and a13. Apollo 11 personally is significantly deeper, motivating mind fire, psychedelic, feminine with attractive frosty extraterrestrial buds, peach hairs, plus the aroma of pineapple cheetos.