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is it legal to grow marijuana in los angeles

Is it legal to grow marijuana in los angeles

Once the emblem has been established, licensed marijuana retailers in unincorporated county areas and participating cities will be required to display the emblem. It will let consumers know that their retailer is properly licensed.

People anywhere in California can grow up to six (6) plants indoors on property they own or where they have the owner’s permission. The area must be secured and locked so that children can not enter. It must also not be viewable by the public.

Where can I use marijuana in Los Angeles?

But sale, possession and cultivation of weed are subject to reasonable local restrictions.

Subject to local restrictions, however, marijuana can be consumed in designated areas of cannabis retailers or at private marijuana events. The only restriction is that children under 18 may not be present and or able to view the consumption.

Can I smoke or consume weed at work?

Posted on January 5, 2018

Is it legal to grow marijuana in los angeles

Bonta said the California Department of Justice planned to conduct a six-month review of the CAMP program, which has existed since 1983, to gauge whether it was addressing what he called the “environmental, the labor and the economic impacts” of illegal cannabis cultivation.

The stories shaping California

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta said Monday that agents assigned to the state’s Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, or CAMP, program destroyed about 1.2 million plants discovered at unlicensed grow sites and seized 180,000 pounds of processed marijuana. The crackdown took place over an unspecified 13-week period in 26 counties.

Karen Mouritsen, director of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in California, said agents this year also seized and destroyed 169,000 illegal marijuana plants raised at 80 sites on federal land in the state.

California law enforcement agents have seized more than 1 million illegally grown marijuana plants this year in an attempt to curb illicit cultivation of the cash crop that continues to undercut the state’s struggling legal market for pot, authorities said Monday.