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is it legal to sell marijuana seeds in canada

The CFIA’s Seeds Act and Regulations and Plant Protection Act and Regulations regulate cannabis seed in the following ways:

The CFIA regulates the import, export, certification and grading of cannabis seed under the following acts and regulations:

As of October 17, 2018, the cultivation of cannabis seed is permitted in accordance with the requirements of the Cannabis Act and Regulations.

CFIA’s role in the regulation of cannabis seed

Cannabis could also be subject to assessment under the Seeds Act and Seeds Regulations as a plant with novel traits, if a novel trait was introduced in to the crop.

Cannabis with novel traits

Is it legal to sell marijuana seeds in canada

B.C. is hoping to offer more seeds in the future, a spokesperson said.

“The LDB is committed to expanding its product assortment to effectively cater to the market, and is continually working with its licensed producers to offer new products to customers as they become available.”

Legal seeds were bred for huge greenhouses

How many Canadians have tried growing their own from seeds or plants bought legally?

Few home growers seem to get seeds from legal retailers

Grey-market sources, on the other hand, offer a huge variety.

Is it legal to sell marijuana seeds in canada

Food and drinks containing CBD are currently still illegal, but it’s thought that they will be legalised by late 2019.

Fuck the DEA up the ass with a big rubber dildo.

Can you grow cannabis in Canada?

Only time will tell, but one thing seems certain. Canada’s trailblazing approach is already starting to influence other governments across the world.

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In 2018, possession and use of cannabis was legalised in Canada. Certain restrictions are in place, as outlined in the country’s Cannabis Law. The law seeks to achieve three key goals:

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