Is Rat Poison Killing The Outdoor Marijuana Garden?

Is Rat Poison Killing The Outdoor Marijuana Garden?

Do you grow your own medical marijuana? Do you utilize federal lands for it’s cultivation? If so, the federal government has just been armed with a new report out of the University of California Davis. This new piece of scientific data is going to make your life much more difficult should you choose to continue to use rat poison in the management of your cultivated crops.

The federal government and other law-enforcement agencies have been decrying for many years of the impact that marijuana growers have had, when they are forced onto federal lands – in order to cultivate the medicine that they need.

This new report – will no doubt be used as a wedge topic in the never ending war against weed. The study was released on Friday and goes into great detail – documenting the scientific data which will go a long way to quantify the proposed environmental impact that marijuana growers have in sensitive national forest habitat. The UC Davis study which was aimed at trying to pinpoint the California fisher’s population numbers and just what might be behind the rapid decline in their species.

The UC Davis report goes in great detail to outline what they found at a remote marijuana grow site, which was recently raided by local law-enforcement and was located only seven miles from one of the study areas that the UC Davis team had selected as a fisher study location. These locations were chosen because of their perceived remote location, instead what they got was an area littered with rodent pesticide, and the marijuana growers are at the head of the suspect list.

The main problem with rat poison that many of the pot growers are using is that the main ingredient is an anticoagulant. As such, its intent is to inhibit the animal’s natural metabolism. The indigestion of the rat poison then causes the consumer of this toxic pellet to lose the capability to recycle vitamin K, which helps their blood clot. Minus the much necessary vitamin K, the animal then suffers internal bleeding which is uncontrollable … and ultimately leads to their death.

In addition to its cruel and inhumane means of protecting their marijuana plants, the half-life of this poison can be just as deadly as the original dose. The U.C. Davis study then goes on to note; the second generation of victims from these poison are absolutely just as lethal. The long, slow and painful death for the unfortunate scavenger that is eaten these rat corpses can take up to a week to kill it unintended victim.

The UC Davis report rips the blindfold off the blissfully ignorant, that have yet to recognize that this toxic introduction of man-made poisons, into the fishers pristine environment. This is a huge warning… Fishers are not the only predators out in the forest. What about all of the others in the food chain that are now consuming these toxic rat snacks? What other rare forest predators are suffering for your Meds? Are you aware of the ongoing struggle for the Sierra Nevada gray wolf, wolverine, red fox, not to mention all of the various owl species that eat these now croaked rat snacks. This all raises a bigger moral issue for most marijuana growers, as most are also lovers of the environment.