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island honey seeds

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Island honey seeds

If your motivation is still stuck back in the dark days of winter, then take yourself to an island paradise with Island Honey.

All I needed were three hits. At first, my head was lost in a mild haze, thinking, of all things, about how my last name rhymes with cannabinoid (and terpenoid) and how it’s surely no coincidence that I ended up writing about this incredible plant. After contemplating this for a while, a light buzz, like a parade of bees, began to hum through my body. I felt happy, calm, and driven, at last. After nearly a week of thinking about writing, I not only picked up a pen but proceeded to spend the next two hours drafting an outline for what could be my first book. It’s called The Apartments. Needless to say, this strain is excellent if you’re looking to get back in the groove.

Notes of cinnamon, cloves, lemon curd, candied ginger, and rosewood filled the air around me, just as the company’s website promised.