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island poison seeds

Durban Poison originally entered Holland from South Africa during the 1970s as a pure sativa strain. However, during numerous generations of adapting to the outdoor conditions of northern Europe some indica genetics from an unknown source have managed to combine with it. This influence is displayed in some wide, early leaf growth although by the end of its life-cycle it will appear to be a sativa strain with long buds and narrow leaves.

Durban Poison grows well indoors and outdoors even at higher latitudes in northern European summers. It is a very mould and pest-resistant strain. When grown indoors flowering is completed in 8 – 9 weeks. Outdoor plants can grow to be very large reaching 3 meters in height before being ready to harvest in late September or very early October before the weather turns. The structure, bud development and potent, clear, uplifting, energising high are all clearly sativa in style. Only the darker green leaves betray its small proportion of indica genetics. It has an appetising flavour of aniseed/liquorice with notes of clove.

The pure sativa Durban Poison is crossed with my short compact God Bud to create Gods Poison – a sedate yet heady high.

These challenges are greatly reduced with first time grower friendly God Bud, which grows short, finishes flowering quickly and produces exceedingly dense buds.

Durban Poison is known to be difficult to manage as it can grow very large and lanky and is suggested for experienced marijuana growers.