Jack Flash #5: Cannabis Seed Strain Review

Jack Flash #5: Cannabis Seed Strain Review

Our Seed bank has delivered many classic cannabis seeds to the 420 cultivators spread around the world, including the much cherished Jack Herer strain. The unique and innovative Jack Flash strain was originally cultivated from Jack Herer genetics, which at times possessed some of its highest and best qualities -while also introducing skunk characteristics that improved its ease of gardening for the first time grower.

In Jack flash #5, the mad breeders at Sensi seed bank have pushed the envelope, further evolving the family tree, cultivating a feminized, Sativa dominant cross of stoney Jack flash variety. Jack flash #5’s mother enjoyed a dynamic and powerful Jack flash phenotype – as a backcrossed feminized strain. The resin encrusted father was a superb skunk/haze hybrid that was extremely resistant to enter sexuality, making the chances of hermaphroditic traits in their feminized progeny as infrequent as any other regular females genetics.

The Jack flash #5 bears more resemblance to its Sativa lineage than the original Jack flash. During flowering, this variety is more skunk than pine, with upward angled branches that create height and lead to is much as a 200% size increase unless controlled. The hybrids “stretched teardrops” leaves have a fat Indica middle narrowing to thin sativa tips. Enjoying large, dense buds, Jack’s hybrid features – first clustering, then buds forming along the branches to fill the intermodal space. As they mature, the colas form oversized oval calyxes with resin encrusted pistils on amazingly dense nugs. The tops of the main flowers often have multi-pointed crowns, caused by the large calyxes going “yertle the turtle” and growing on top of one another.

Jack flash #5 is a happy, vigorous growing cannabis plant that handles a wide range of conditions with style and grace. The breeders of this hybrid strain strongly recommend this Queen of production be cultivated indoors. These fast-growing, large ladies enjoy a hearty meal of high end nutrients, and showed great resilience to mold, mildew, and fungus infection – perfect for the newbie cultivator.

Typically, these ladies can be controlled when cultivated in a screen of green grow, or tamed to a single main stem and grown as a sea of green; remembering to begin the flower cycle as soon as clones have rooted – and have grown to approximately 4 to 5 inches in height. The primary concern for most Jack cultivators is the quantum height jumps – a primary concern for some indoor cultivators.

Rich and skunk flavored elements, awash in earthy citrus aromas Jack flash #5 boasts a flavor that many will find enjoyable and incredibly tasty. Beyond the appeal of its vigor, which makes it suitable for even beginners to deliver great connoisseur yields, the Jack flash #5 will win hearts with is long-lasting and strongly cerebral, sparkling high.