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Jack Herer Info

PLANT TYPE40% Indica 60% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS16 to 18 oz per 3x3ft

Jack Herer Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Jack Herer is a four-way mix of four different sativas. It was done in honor of Jack Herer at the Sensi Seeds Bank. It’s got Marley’s Collie and a few others in it. It’s a nice sativa. It doesn’t yield the greatest, but it got a really good buzz and a lot of THC in it.

Jack Herer is a very lanky plant. It wants to almost vine itself, but it will grow tall if you let it. Jack Herer is an expert only plant. It’s like Haze and some of the others. They’re very hard to grow. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. It doesn’t lend itself to automation.

It’s probably better for outdoor, I think myself because you don’t have as much into it, but it’s also decent in a greenhouse. You can grow it indoors as well. It just depends on I guess what you put into it.

Jack Herer really responds well to light. If you make more branches and get a bigger plant, you can get a lot more yield off of it in the outdoor greenhouse situation versus indoor in a highly restricted root environment. It’s one that one’s root has an equal shoot. You can’t grow a great plant and a little bitty root. It makes it hard to do it in a time scale indoors.

Jack Herer takes a while to flower because its sativa genetics. It takes between 80 and 90 days to finish flowering, and it’s one of the ones you definitely want to finish flowering. If you don’t have enough light, you might have to go 100. It’s not one of them that lends itself to shade planting or to cheapening out on the indoor lights.

Jack Herer is close to Neville’s Haze. A lot of the ties, a lot of the Africans, it comes down to pure sativas that are lowland in descent, and it’s just a hybrid of those.

Jack Herer is really easy to sell. They’re a lot of people out there that want these sativas, like Jack Herer and a few we mentioned here. A lot of people don’t want to grow it because they don’t get the yield out of them, but the price is reflected. So, you get more money out of it, and it’s also easier to get rid of because people will take it instantly, because not very many people want to grow sativas.

They don’t realize that to a patient population they’re highly dependent upon the sativas and upon them being available at a decent price and sufficient quality. It’s one of those ones that I don’t discourage people from growing it because it’s very much needed, and it will sell instantly at almost any club you take it to.

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  1. I Love Jack Herer… and his name sake strain.

    RIP Jack

  2. Thank you for your expertise. I particularly liked the movies.

  3. ack IS NOT the lineage listed above. it is basically a ‘secret blend’ of skunk, nl5 and haze. marleys collie my ass, this is jamaican! at least go to sensi website and check genetics before posting this…. people like to know what is in strains , esp. if they are thinking of making crosses.

  4. Alphakronik Genes’ Jackpot Royale will be the latest Kush hybrid which includes the Las Vegas Purple Kush cut. AKG desired to produce a hybrid which would taste like grape-creme soda, which is precisely what they did. Developing the vanilla hues, the Spacequeen F2 dad lightened right up the grapey-kush flavor that this LV PK gives the party. Expect huge, golf-ball sized purple flowers, blanketed in CBD and THC laden trichomes. Makes a remarkable ice-water extract!

  5. An incredibly premium quality sativa dominant auto. Hijack combines two of the most famous and most adored strains in recent history, Jack Herer and AK-47. Jack Herer (Sensi), extensively regarded as the pinnacle in Sativa genetics, has become crossed along with the 8 times cup winning AK-47 (Serious). After we perfected this hybrid it had been given the full autoflowering seeds treatment with adding a Siberian Ruderalis to generate a superb strain which is our highest yielder right after Auto Pounder.

    Hijack is a definite must for all those Sativa enthusiasts, however the well-balanced Indica genetics from the AK-47 plus the speed from the Ruderalis mean it’s not only a connoisseurs strain. Equally balanced in structure, the stems develop several dense resin coated bud sites which exhibit a refreshing citrus-lime taste with undertones of sandlewood and spice. The stone is surely an “up” heady high combined with an all round body high because of AK-47. Hijack Automatic is ready within 70 days from seed to harvest, turning it into an exceptional option if you are after a Sativa dominant plant yet don’t wish to wait all summer to obtain it. Contrary to the Jack Herer parent this strain is deemed quite simple to grow.

  6. This numerous Cannabis Cup Winner is undoubtedly the most special varieties of marijuana in the cannabis world today. Named honoring the late Jack Herer, the world renowned global hemp author and activist of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’. Numerous years of extensive breeding and unique selection turned into this multiple Haze hybrid that delivers good yields of medium density buds shimmering with succulent, resin coated Haze bracts which have a peppery and fresh, pungent Haze aroma blended with a touch of fruity skunk. Jack Herer posseses an award-winning flavor of robust peppered Haze spiced with a scrumptious dash of fruity acridness along with the effects have a rapid onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge. Undoubtedly one for the connoisseur.

  7. Jackmatic is an autoflower cross of Skull Ryder and Black Skull’s Jack Herer and the resulting strain is a sativa dominant auto strain that really packs a punch. Because of its Jack Herer genetics it can take a little longer to finish than some of our other autos but you will be rewarded by elegant tall plants that have higher than normal levels of THC. This means that jack-matic is a more cerebral smoke than our other autos but thanks to extensive selection you wont be waiting on long flowering times to get your hands on it.

  8. Jack is our own variation of the three way hybrid involving Skunk#1, Northern Lights#5 and pure haze which won the 1995 Cannabis Cup. Renowned for it’s uplifting high and good yield. Jack is a superb strain for Sativa/Haze lovers who want a bit faster finish compared to Blaze, Electric Haze or Maui Mist. Extremely strong bud structure for a sativa coupled with that common “sweet and sour” Haze aroma.

  9. The Auto Jack Female Seeds are our one and only auto flowering strain and it is made from mixing a rederalis along with an indica strain first of all and then selectively narrowing down on the particular traits to increase the yield. After that it has become crossed with the Jack Herer, a sativa, to acquire more height and to try and increase the flavour and odour of the flowers.It is a very successful cross and has made some very good plants. From seed to harvest in 60-70 days with no change of light cycle, i.e.: 18hours on and 6 hours off or higher like 20/4 and these Auto Jack will give you with some very tight buds dripping with crystals in a very short time. Outdoors it’s always best to put them out at the middle to end of may so as to get the most light possible as without this long light period it requires, it will end up short with between 15-25 grams per plant. This can be increased to 25-50 grams when giving it the proper light cycle it needs.

  10. White Jack Feminized Seeds from Dready Seeds is of course a cross of White Widow and Jack Herer. It is a Sativa – Indica blend with Sativa in dominance.

  11. This plant can make large and big buds having thick pistils. This will be our earliest variety and we may be pleased with having one of the more preferred Jack Herer for these strain lovers. Its strong “Haze”, flavour and smell makes it wonderful. We have feminised this variety giving you something very difficult to find nowadays.

  12. Emerald Jack Seeds by Emerald Triangle Marijuana Seedbank, this bank has transferred to it’s roots and way back in history to source and revive some seriously serious genes. Taking plants that hark within the 70’s, Emerald Triangle have got new genetic material and merged them up to develop strains that ought to make you awe struck. These top notch Medical Seeds, brand-new from Humboldt County, also offered as female seeds, these common seeds now are rising in fame between collectors, this would ensure Emerald Triangle Seeds will be in huge interest.

  13. Female Seeds are providing an autoflowering version of their Jack Herer. Automatic Jack will begin flowering following 4 weeks. She’s an all around performer outdoors and indoors in temperate climates and even begins flowering middle July in cold climates and is done end September in cold climates. Perfect for outdoors as she creates more flowers than leaves outdoors.

  14. Green House Seeds presents Jack Herer. It is a marvellous multiple Cannabis Cup Winner and it is undoubtedly among the finest types of marijuana throughout the cannabis world today. Named right after a world renowned cannabis acitvist, Jack Herer, this indica/sativa strain appears to have got a bit of of his personal features: it’s buds develop quickly, giggly and energetic effect. Hazy plants having fabulous resin production that provide you uplifting, more or less psychedelic high.

  15. Karma Genetics Seeds Jack Cheddar is the result of the Exodus cheese cut being crossed with a Jack#22 dad. The outcome of this plant is extremely cheese and sweet in many phenos. Karma Genetics Jack Cheddar is a simple to grow plant, with a Skunk type structure. Some are simply the ideal blend and provide that sweet cheesy haze.

  16. Karma Genetics Seeds presents Jack O Nesia. This strain was developed once this cut of Amnesia conquered the ICMAG 420 Cup in ’09 and was crossed along with the Jack #22 Male. Here it is a simple to grow hard hitting Hazy hybrid. The Smell rom candy like bubblegum to spicy haze aromas. It offers a quality stretch, working superb when topped. She’s much more on the sativa side. A brilliant plant to cultivate.

  17. Most likely the most-recognized variety in the worldwide cannabis scene. Developed in honor of the renowned pro-activist Jack Herer, it’s perfect for S.C.R.O.G. cultivation. It generates long and dense shoots along with an intense incense smell which is able to deliver anyone right back to its ancestor’s flavors. Its full of LID, creating a very active euphoric response and therefore meaning a stimulation bomb for your brain. Hydroponic cultivating can help it to demonstrate its highest potential. Love this particular Dutch gem!

  18. Cali Jack is a Sativa/Indica Hybrid which has its roots based in a Jack Herer/pre ’98 Bubba Kush mix which offers some amazing properties for an indoor grower, producing exceptional buds encrusted with crystals make this a plant for anyones collection but you have to have some patience because of the 9 to 11 weeks required for flowering (50 – 70 days). This plant has Haze characteristics but has been bred to be shorter in stature to enable the grower to better manage the large trichome encrusted flowers that are produced. We particularly recommend this strain if you suffer from fibromyalgia.

  19. BlackJack’s mom, Black Domino, was actually a duplicate of a marijuana plant delivered to the Netherlands from the place around Seattle. It is daddy is Nirvana’s extremely own Jock Horror. Nirvana BlackJack produces hard buds by having very large, grape-like calyxes that are actually totally encrusted with THC! The smoke is actually heavy and flavorsome, and produces an exceptionally long-lasting high. BlackJack is presumed of exceptionally in the medical marijuana scene.

  20. Jacky White is actually hardiness, elevated yield, quick finish, and striking profile are actually loved qualities. This primarily Sativa hybrid is also significant for her stability, with merely slight variations between specific plants. Outside the house, Jacky White prefers a mild to sunny climate. She prefers to branch, so the garden setup that boosts yield on these plants might enable a bit extra room for the side branches to completely develop. Pruning or flexing to increase yield works well by having this strain. Jacky White sniffs like a grapefruit tree all through her flowering duration, which finishes in about two months at utmost, by having an abundance of chunky colas glittering as well as fluorescent by having resin. Her indoor harvest is remarkable – up to 600g each square meter under a 600-watt high-pressure sodium light. Outdoor harvests are predictably bigger. Jacky White’s growing type is actually Sativa-like, by having a note of very good Indica high qualities (simplicity, hardiness, fast finish); furthermore, her stone is Sativa-like with a hint of Indica to ascend Sativa? s speedy edge. She provides a lucid, mind-lofting cerebral elevated accompanied by an enjoyable body buzz, with an enduring outcome. The prosperous haze-citrus taste are going to use tokers reloading their bongs anyway.

  21. Two pillars of cannabis breeding together to produce a range that far surpasses their parents. The power of among the most renowned hybrids worldwide, Jack Herer, adds to the flavour and strength of New York City Diesel, among the most recent discoveries. Thus, the synergy produced in the final hybrid from a parent with the most “”pedigree”” makes any grower, from beginner to connoisseur can dispense with this variety in its menu. Plant strong and vigorous, with strong Indian-type vegetative growth, with short internodal distances and large central bud is transformed into sativa during flowering lateral branches extending and adding at the end a sea of “”satellite”” hard crystallized buds, big central bud around. Plant very voracious, best not to lengthen the growing season indoors. Strong odor in flower, it is necessary to use anti-odor filters or ionizers. By merging 2 of the most aromatic plants comes a complex aroma that covers shades of woods (sandalwood, cedar and eucalyptus) reminiscent of the floral and fruit, highlighting the aroma of mandarin varieties typical diesel. Aroma pervasive that hardly forget. Do you know more and better than it smells. The flavor of hardwood JACKHERER own genotype and by the defendant as DIESEL the tangerine flavor. Strong sense of abuse, demanded by the lovers of sativa varieties. Psychoactivity produces a sedative at first appears. There isn’t a thing in addition from the actuality as it is developing rapidly in energizing as we consume more.

  22. 75% Sativa. NL, Skunk and Haze genetics. Cinnamon odour and flavour. Huge resin production. Medicinal plant. Longlasting, cerebral high with a nice body buzz. THC high.

    Created in Holland, Jack is a crossbreed between Northern Lights x Haze and a Skunk F1 x Haze. She is the result of a long and arduous selection process of suitable phenos as parents to create a stable F1 strain. A a so-called hybrid Jack. Mother and ‘father’ material are both 5th generation so very stable. She is a 90% Sativa plant with extremely high THC level. Jack Horror has an Indica appearance, but is definitely a Sativa. However, she has a short flowering period. Jack F1 is covered in snowy crystals of resin from top to bottom. Stick to advised nutrients, don’t overfeed. Especially during the vegetative period (4 weeks) keep nutrient levels at a minimum. Keep her on a 24/7 schedule. This advise basically goes for any Sativa. Preferably grown in soil or coco with plenty of space. A Sativa dominant plant she will form one giant main cola, so don’t prune her.

    Jack’s smell is sweet, spicy and slightly cinnamon like. The taste is sweet and spicy somewhat haze-like. The buds produce a longlasting cerebral high and body buzz. A classic Sativa high. Medicinal value: ADHD.

  23. TGA Subcool Seeds presents Jack The Ripper, this aptly named strain boasts some ‘killer’ genetics. This infamous marijuana seed strain has graced the pages of “”Big Book of Buds 3″” and is also listed High Times Top Ten of 2006, and for good reason. Largely Sativa based this cannabis seed is a hybrid – a resultant combination of many strains. This massive combo has enabled TGA Subcool to extract only the finest genetics from each and collate them together to find this ‘ripper’ of a souvenir cannabis seed.