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jacky white seeds

Jacky white seeds

Connoisseurs in northern climes are in luck too, because this plant also thrives in more moderate climates. It may not give you the optimum yields but the skinny gene makes Jacky White mold resistant and its natural hardiness means you’ll be smoking by Halloween. The reward is tasty too – a sunshine buzz to smooth your way into that northern winter.

Jacky White is the best friend of the outdoor gardener, hardy and low maintenance. Give it some space and moderate sunshine and it will reward you with a plant that strikes a fine pose, making it a favorite with sativa aficionados in southern regions of the world.

We took our time to develop this new school strain. The quest was to breed a plant that combined the greatest characteristics of the greatest plants. It took time – years – to get the strain just the way we wanted it, but the result was worth it. A femme fatale that packs a punch.

Jacky White Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seeds – High Yield, Fast Finish… Jacky White is the ultimate performer, a dashing mix of heritage and knowledge. The result? A big harvest sativa that became an instant classic when it was introduced.

The strong sativa genetics of this plant mean that it can climb and those side branches will reach for the space to support its bounty of long and well formed buds. Indoor growers with limited space may look to pruning and bending methods to control the growth. A principal characteristic that appeals to those with indoor set ups is Jacky White’s reputation for stability, meaning consistency with results.

An immediate hit when it first came out, this plant’s reputation still burns strong. That’s because: for a fast growing, high yielding plant, the effects are just so damn good… An overwhelming experience served on a layer of citrus ‘haze’.

Smoke this and you will have a smile for the rest of the day. It is the creative’s choice with rushes of energy and inspiration making it perfect for heightened focus.

Jacky white seeds


Jackie White feminized cannabis seeds will light up the night or the day for that matter when they head in the direction of your prized cannabis seed collection. That’s right Jackie White the legendary feminized cannabis seeds that your collection needs can be yours right here at Ice Headshop. When you add incredible cannabis seed genetics like this to your collection you help make that collection more unique than others. The rarer your genetics are and the wider and larger the diversity of genetics you have on hand will make you the man or woman!

Jackie White feminized cannabis seeds produce incredible results with an average flowering time that runs between 60 to 65 days. Jackie White will treat you right with her sativa pleasing attributes. Known for being cerebral soft and even pleasant Jackie White feminized cannabis seeds have a 75% Sativa dominant characteristic that makes them uptown, dynamite, and out of sight. Indoor and outdoor growers as well as consumers love Jackie White. This lovely lady produces an average of 500 to 600 grams per square meter for indoor growers who choose to grow using the legendary sea of green technique.