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jah kush seeds

Jah kush seeds

The same disclaimer stated above applies to the free marijuana seeds as well as your purchase of Light of Jah seeds or other seed strains.

Best grown indoor in northern climates (UK, northern Europe, Canada), Light of Jah seeds respond well to indoor grow rooms and artificial lighting.

A refined hybrid of the well-known Sativa Haze, Light of Jah seeds delivers enormous harvests of great smoking weed that can have you soaring in happy energetic highs.

20 Light of Jah seeds $117 (approx. €87 or £75)

THC level – Up to 23 %
Genetics – Indica 25% | Sativa 75%
Climate – Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor – Up to 750 gram / 26.5 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor – Up to 1200 gram / 42.3 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor – Up to 100 cm / 39.4 inch
Height outdoor – Up to 260 cm / 102.4 inch
Flowering time – 10 To 13 weeks
Harvest month – September / October
Grow difficulty – Moderate / Expert

Legal disclaimer: Buying and selling Light of Jah seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

Light of Jah is one of the most popular marijuana strains ever to be made available in seed form.

Winner of many prestigious awards, Light of Jah was named in honour of the famous marijuana advocate, Jack Herer.

Light of Jah marijuana is known for its large yield of dense sticky buds that offers a peppery taste with a touch of fruity skunk taste.

Pungent, earthy citrus bite – almost a skunky kush

A pungent cash crop strain that was brought into the Northern California clone only scene from Oregon. THe most probable parentages are Light of Jah x OG Kush and Jack Herer x OG Kush; with it’s pungent aroma somewhat reminiscent of Light of Jah, this parentage is strongly suspected.

Bright green with burnt orange pistils and dense coverage with long, thin stalked trichomes with mid-sized heads.

A strange “garlic bud” almost body odor citrus musk with notes of soil. You don’t really get a sense of that muskiness until it’s ground, at which point it becomes eye-watering pungent.


Feeling a little rushy to start, this strain was a little deceiving — a major rush of warmth and pressure into the eyes and head normally signals the beginning of a Sativa crush, but this one backed off after about 30 minutes and remained relatively calm throughout. Somewhat bleary-feeling eyes remained past the initial potency, but otherwise the effects moved mostly into the body while just providing a sense of calmness and a lazy mood elevation. The lingering effects lasted longer than many strains, but the initial potency was shorter than many… bit of a give and take there.