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jamaican cannabis seeds

Jamaican cannabis seeds

The main trait of this marijuana strain is its short flowering period . just 6 weeks!

Jamaican Dream from Eva Seeds come as the name suggests from the fabulous Jamaica.

Jamaican Dream is a strong and stable plant very easy to grow. It presents a typical Christmas tree structure and produces large buds with abundant trichomes.


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Sí te crecerá, pero hasta el mes y medio de vida, en ese tiempo mostrará el sexo y a partir de ahí se pondrá a cogollar.
Con lo cual nunca tendrás plantas más altas de 1.50m.

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Very large and compact buds.

Jamaican cannabis seeds

Last but not least is always to plan your indoor or outdoor cannabis garden.

While you can still be ticketed for being in possession of a cannabis supply of this amount, you will not be arrested for it and it will not add to a criminal record. These amendments also added additional supports for medical use, therapeutic use, and the support of scientific research.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Additionally, the laws are meant to be in support of the Rastafarian faith. When the amendment went into place, it made it possible for a legal medical marijuana and a budding hemp industry to be born for those operating within these parameters.

Jamaican Cannabis Laws Coming Full Circle

The Neville’s Haze seed strain is resistant to mold, pests, and high humidity, making this sativa queen the perfect seed strain for outdoor cultivators.