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Fig 1

Schematic diagram of pronuclear injection-based targeted transgenesis (PITT).

The donor vector is co-injected with Cre expression plasmid into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs obtained from seed mice. As a result of site-specific recombination between mutant loxPs (lox2272, JTZ17 and JT15) by Cre enzyme, one copy of the donor vector is integrated into Rosa26 genomic locus to yield recombination intermediate mice. Extra sequence containing selection marker (Neo) and vector sequence is removed by flippase (FLP)–FLP recombinase target (FRT) gene rearrangement, resulting in generation of Nephrin-EGFP mice. Nephrin, nephrin promoter sequence; EGFP, EGFP cDNA; pA, poly A signal; Neo, neomycin resistance gene cassette; FLPe, FLPe-overexpressing deleter mouse.

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