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jungle apple seeds

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In this Episode of Among the Jungle Podcast we journey from Australia to England with ceremonial storyteller, Samantha Rose, as she takes us on an incredible journey of nature inspired story, and even shares a story she created especially for this episode. From the wisdom of aborigines aunties to her deep connection with nature, Samantha assists us in discovering how we can become the hero of our own story, and how nature has endless offerings of wisdom and medicine.

If you're ready, its time to inspire your wild!
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Show Notes for this episode:

Jungle apple seeds

They can be used to craft Green Thread.

The most efficient setup for creating an Underground Jungle “farm” for harvesting Jungle Spores, Jungle Seeds, and Nature’s Gifts, is to place a floor of jungle grass, and a ceiling 3 blocks in height. On the next layer up, do the same, but this time also add a middle layer so you have 3 lines with 1 space between each, and repeat. You can then harvest it easily by using a Muramasa, Blade of Grass, hammer or similar long reaching weapon or tool to harvest all 3 layers (the one you stand on and the two above it). Note that some items will get stuck above, but will be collected as you rise up the farm layers.

Recipes [ ]

They also can be used to craft Leafy Jungle Wall and Jungle Vine Wall.

Obtaining [ ]

It is possible to find the rare items such as Nature’s Gifts in a player-made Underground Jungle.