Kali Cannabis Seeds: The Goddess Of Ultimate Reality

Kali Cannabis Seeds: The Goddess Of Ultimate Reality

Legends have long been told of Kali, an aggressive ancient goddess, rich with sinister power, representing a gateway to the other side. In the Ying – Yang universe of Eastern cultures, this goddess is both destructive and creative. Her followers viewed her as the “ultimate reality or Brahma.” While nurturing and protecting her children, Kali was also notorious for defending them with violent ferocity.

The cannabis seed strain which inherited the strength of Kali’s namesake originates from the Afghani/Pakistani border region. An indigenous OG Kush that underwent a specific feminizing method called “selfing”. The utilized Kali clone daddy was taken from seeds whose male was responsible for the original crossback that led to the HTCC winning Big Buddha cheese. Kali is from old-school Indica parents, the real hash making deal from the home of ancient hash making tradition, an area that has selected for hash excellence among its plants over generations upon generations.

The Kali seed strain produces a dark fierce growing Indica plant that has dark green leaves, though seemingly few in numbers. Sturdy branches, short and stubby – particularly for such an overwhelmingly Indica dominant plant. As most females do – she likes to eat light but often and flourishes in your basic substrate grow mediums, from Hydro to organic soil.

Because of her short stature, Kali would be a perfect candidate a SOG grow room situation. At full expression she stands between 4 to 6 feet, usually beginning her flowering stage at approximately 2 feet. The angry goddess stands up well to heat as well is cold and will show excellent results for cultivators of all skill sets. The highly potent flowers on these ladies produce mad yields of sticky goodness, grown either outside or indoors – producing approximately 2 pounds per plant – under the guidance of a skilled cultivator. True to its hash rich history, these buds are highly resinous and can be somewhat of a pain to handle during the curing process.

The chronic flowers of the Kali strain glisten with dank layers of THC rich cannabinoids – the sweet ambrosia of this angry goddess is dense and pungent. While Kali represents a first-rate choice for those in the hash making industry, her fully processed flowers also maintain a hashish-like flavor and aroma. A smooth dense hit, with the exceptional earthy citrus-like taste… Stepped in Kushy richness.